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Network retailers and enterprise entrepreneurs I welcome you on a new adventure for all to perform my broadcast “Creating Abundance Promoting You” for anyone who desires to share with the world your story in a interview format via web broadcasting from your personal PC. As an empowered entrepreneur coach and mentor, my co manufacturers and I will share a unique health and health story about LifeMap Nutrition System the 1st DNA genetically guided dietary dietary supplement “Your DNA Doesn’t Lie” from Independent Affiliates of GeneWize Life Sciences, Inc. and teach you online affiliate marketing techniques, solutions for utilising Web 2. 0 cyber web generation for viewers to harness the talents and skills of our career to create abundance for all. My project of developing and producing “Creating Abundance Promoting You” is to educate the usual public of the misconception that network advertising is a scam or get rick quick scheme.

Network advertising and marketing is a career that needs to be mastered. Harnessing of an entrepreneur attitude, perfecting skills, potential of advertising and marketing techniques, trends and management skills. Integrating interviews with like minded business marketers to share their story and competencies of our profession with the printed viewers. Additionally, allowing my team members of company marketers and their clients to trap and generate leads/referrals during their QandA session with viewers viewers.

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