Recommended best SEO Tools for keyword research

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Recommended best SEO Tools for keyword research

Recommended best SEO Tools for keyword research

Have you ever heard of keyword planner? The free website of Google’s design has an important role to support website traffic. How not, Keyword Planner is one of the free SEO keywords that can help you do research keywords to find the right keywords to increase website traffic.

Why is the important keyword research? According to SEO experts from British, Neil Patel, keyword research is important because through this step you can know what words or phrases are often searched by your prospective audience. Moreover, the Internet Live Stats records the number of internet users today has reached four billion users and continues to grow.

At least, there are more than 10 keyword tools that you can use for free to help you do keyword research, including keyword planner. Hopefully, this free keyword tool can be useful for you!

Google Keyword Planner

The first free keyword comes from Google, namely Keyword Planner. Even though you have to enter information in the form of addresses to collect and currency at the beginning of registration, but this information is only stored as personal data. Search Results Keyword Planner will bring up the number of keyword searches per month to the difficulty level of keyword competition.

This tool is one of the most popular keyword research tools. For free, the Google Keyword Planner tool is also able to present satisfying keywords. Not only that, but this tool is also easy to use so if you first use it, you can easily understand how it works, which is just by entering the desired keyword on the search bar.

Before using the Keyword Planner, make sure you have an alternative keyword so that your research can be effective and maximal. You can get alternative keywords by typing the keyword in the Google search column and see the related keywords.


If you have opened several websites that discuss the keyword Tool for free, maybe you will often find Semrush. SEO tool developed by Massachusetts company, USA, you can use it to develop a strategy to raise your SEO website, including to find keywords.

When typing in keywords in Keyword Overview, you will find a variety of information related to these keywords, such as search volume, Difficulty (KD), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), even keyword variations to related questions. In a free account, you can search up to 10 keywords per day. But, you can always upgrade to a premium account ranging from USD 99.95 per month.

Google Trends.

The free keyword next is one of the most easy-to-use and quite useful Google tools. Not only for free, but you can also compare a few keywords at once! Besides, you can also search for related keywords from each keyword you entered in the search column.


Next is the keyword tool developed by an entrepreneur in the field of digital marketing, Neil Patel, namely Ubersuggest. Together with two other tools, Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg, Ubersuggest functions to raise the ranking of the website in search engines through SEO. The difference is, Ubersuggest acts as a free tool to find keywords.

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Similar to Semrush, Ubersuggest can also display the results of keyword analysis in the area that you specified itself. Besides, you can also get information related to the keywords sought, such as the search volume last month, KD, CPC, even keyword ideas and content ideas from websites that discuss the topic related to the keywords you are looking for.


Wordtracker is a free keyword developed by two brothers, Andy and Mike Mindel, in the late ’90s. You can use this tool to collect information related to the keywords you need just by entering the short tail keyword. After that, Wordtracker will provide several long-tail keywords and the popularity of the keyword last year.


Moz is one of the tools commonly used to analyze websites, especially page authority (PA) and the Authority domain (DA). Even so, you can also use this tool to do keyword research for free. You only need to create a new account to start doing keyword research.

A little different from other tools, MOZ also features the value of PA and DA from the website analyzed. Besides, you can also find keyword advice, the results of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) analysis, and several websites that mention your keywords in the article title and their URL.

Keyword Tool

The next free keyword is named “Keyword Tool”. You can use this tool to look for Long-Tail keywords in your website article. However, there is one uniqueness of the keyword tool, namely you can also research keywords on your social media. Yes, keyword tools can help you find relevant hashtags for Instagram and Twitter.

Ahrefs keyword generator

No less popular, Ahrefs is an Apple-to-Apple competitor with Semrush and Moz which also offers website analysis and keywords in depth. Through the keyword generator feature, Ahrefs offers 100 keywords related to your search that can be used as an inspiration for long-tail keywords along with search volume and questions related to the keywords you enter.

LSI Graph

Having a limit of search quantities up to eight words per day Makes the LSI graph be one of the free keyword tools that you can use. In this tool, you can find keywords that are relevant to the keywords you are looking for, although sometimes some words may not be the same as what you type in the search column.

You can also find some top-performing content, namely the top with the top websites containing keywords from search results. However, considering your account is not a premium and limited to only eight queries per day, consider the keywords that you want to look for, huh!

Google Search

Not Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, or Google Trends, but this is the main search engine feature of Google, Google Search. This is one of the tricks you can use to use google search as a free keyword tool, which is by entering the keywords you want, and let Google work.

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After the results of your search appear, scroll a little until you find the “People Also Ask” section and “Related Search”. In the “People Also Ask” section, you can find a variety of questions related to your keywords after you click on one of the questions, so your search doesn’t stop looking at the search bar only. Your search can also be continued by clicking on the keywords in “Related Search”.


It looks rather unique and simple, you can also use this one keyword tool for free. Even though there is no Volume Search, KD, and CPC, but soovle can find information related to the keywords you are looking for from various search engines at once. So, unlike other tools, in Soovle you’ve never needed to click the search engine page one by one to find the related keyword information.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public lets you find a variety of questions related to the keywords that you entered in the search column. Besides being able to fully charge the keyword forecasts that you will use, this one tool also displays the idea of ​​content and keywords for articles on your website. Plus, you can set the search location for your Kuncim.

Here, you will find a variety of fundamental questions related to the keywords you are looking for, starting from What, Who, When, WHERE, WHY, How (5W1H) to questions from prepositional and comparison sentences. Besides, you can also find various related keywords compiled based on the alphabet.


Keyword research is an important step to determine the content on your website. In addition to determining what content you will make, you can also determine which keywords can increase website traffic. As a result, you will better understand what interests and behavior visitors on your website. It is important to raise your website ranking in search engines.

One additional tip, when doing keyword research, you can determine first, what goals do you want to achieve from this keyword? Is it to increase awareness and purchase products, adjust the topic of websites with trending issues that you want to lift, or just discuss light topics such as health tips or movie reviews and books? You determine you.

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