Recognize email marketing and 8 best tips to boost sales

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Recognize email marketing and 8 best tips to boost sales

Recognize email marketing and 8 best tips to boost sales

Email Marketing is one of the sales strategies that utilize e-mail or electronic mail. The use of email marketing in online business is as a targeting of consumers via email. Email marketing is sent to prospective customers who have never bought products, and also to consumers who have become customers in the business.

Email Marketing is the most effective way to build connections with your prospective customers and direct them to your loyal customers. After knowing the importance of using email marketing, then we will tell you how tips so that the use of email marketing can boost sellers 1000 times more. Next we serve 8 of the best tips for selling sales via email marketing.

8 best tips for occurring sales via email marketing

Here are the best tips for crashed sales via email marketing

1. Make your customer’s target email list

You can make customers target through social media. Lots of social media that can be targeted for email marketing such as blogs, Facebook, intagram, twitter and others. Almost everyone who uses social media is definitely using email.

We can get emails for our target through the social media. You can initially deal with audient data through Facebook ads ads or in other ways. After we get the audience data list we are then we list audient emails for our email marketing.

2. Personalize your email without using the recipient’s name

The practice of personal email is almost incomplete anymore. In fact, research by Temple’s Fox School of Business shows that this type of personalization can be dangerous. Given the high level of virtual world security concerns about phishing, identity theft, and credit card fraud, many consumers will be alert to e-mail, especially those who have personal greetings and know.

An important element of email marketing is a relationship. Does the recipient trust you? Does a recipient know who you are? When an email has content by imposing intimacy too fast, personalization is considered disturbing. Proximity acquired in real life seems to apply to e-mail.

Faking familiarity with customers makes many email readers alert. But this does not mean that all forms of personalization are prohibited.

There are certain personalizations can produce big results. Studies also found that product personalization, where customers are directed to products suggested by their past purchase patterns, triggering a positive response in 98 percent of customers.

The thing that can be taken here is if you want to use personalization as an email strategy, do it in the right way. It takes a little knowledge or relationship to put someone’s name in your greetings. It shows much greater concern for sending personal emails specifically for recipient needs and history.

3. Make short subject words

When sending emails use words on a short subject and attract the attention of the recipient of the email to read our email. When making the contents of the subject avoid writing a length of 60 to 70 characters, because this is often said to be a dead zone. According to research by Adestra, they track more than 900 million emails sent no customer increase to open email or click on the character writing at 60 to 70 characters.

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You should make the contents on the subject shorter about 49 characters down, because this has proven the email will be opened by the recipient. In fact, Adestra found that the contents of the subject of less than 10 characters had an open level of 58% by email recipients. A good email strategy is to avoid the dead zone of 60 to 70 characters.

4. Send an email at night or weekend

The proportion of email reception at night and Saturday that week was quite low because it was a bit of an email that entered for workers. Different during working hours that many emails enter from coworkers. Starting at 20.00 until midnight is a good time for you to send an email.

Likewise sending e-mails on weekends will provide a great opportunity to click by the recipient of the email. Because messages in the inbox will be more prominent. Optimal email delivery according to your customer’s requirements is your obligation. Test, test, and test again to find out how and when your customers open email.

5. Fill in email content that benefits customers

Making content by giving a free thing or giving something to trigger customers to open your email. Fill content in your email marketing that can benefit customers, such as giving ebooks, or important information, so are there promos and discounts from our products.

We can enter it in our marketing email. Our email presence makes consumers ask, “What’s the fortunate for me?” As much as possible make an email that answers the question.

6. Make sure your email content is responsive on all devices

Mobile devices are one of the devices that are often used by most people throughout the world to open emails. So make email content that can be opened on all devices. Both smarphones, laptops, computers etc.

Responsive design to ensure that your email looks great wherever it is read. Here are some email design tips for cellphones or smartphones:

  • Change your email into a one column template for easy cellphone repair.
  • Increase the font size to increase readability on smart phones.
  • Make an invitation to act or call to action (CTA) clear and easily tapped. Above the flip is preferred.
  • Consider ergonomics. Many users knock and scroll with their thumb. So save (Record) important elements that can be touched in the middle of the screen, for example customer data charging etc.

7. Simple, elegant and easy to read email content design

In addition to the contents of the responsive email content on all devices. We also have to ensure simple and easy to read simple content design. So that the contents of a short email are clear and unwalfed so that the reader is not bored with our email. Some factors that need to be considered to present the e-mail preferred by customers are as follows:

  • Use Inline CSS so that your email display looks prettier
  • Use the usual text version
  • Consider in the use of images. Images can slow down email loading to open. But if the image needs to attract prospective customers it doesn’t matter. Use fewer images so that loading will be faster
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8. Follow up back in an inactive customer

Your list of customers is very large. That’s good! The only problem is that two thirds of it might be inactive. Research has found that the average inactive amount for a list is 63 percent, which means that once someone receives the email, they tend to ignore it.

Email marketing companies, so far identify the first 90 days as the right time to change registration into customers, you must develop a plan to do it. What happens with 63 percent of that inactive? Ad or send an email back is a great way to make them aware of your offer.


The use of email marketing is currently one of the effective marketing activities to get new customers and make old customers to repurchase the items they have bought before.

Perhaps many consider this strategy ineffective, but in the fact the email marketing strategy is a strategy that is quite old and proven effective to raise your business turnover if you do correctly according to the above tips.

The tips above are tips that have been tailored to the advancement of the times, so this is perfect for you business owners who are looking for ways to develop email marketing strategies.

Another thing you have to consider in running a business is the business bookkeeping process. Because business without a librarian means you are the same as you are running a “blind” business because you can’t know the health of business finances including profit or fast business?

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