Reasons Why Froggy Ads Banner Size and Format Have Performance Differences

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Reasons Why Froggy Ads Banner Size and Format Have Performance Differences

Reasons Why Froggy Ads Banner Size and Format Have Performance Differences

Froggy Ads has indeed become one of the most popular internet advertising programs and lots of bloggers in Indonesia and in other countries make Froggy Ads a way to make money from the internet.

If you are recently received by Froggy Ads, then there will be some questions that will appear in your mind that is about What is the best Froggy Ads size, has the highest performance and earns the most money or clicks? Besides that, where is the good ad position to increase Froggy Ads revenue?

Froggy Ads does have a lot of ad formats that you can install on your blog. However, not all ad formats will have the same revenue value as other formats. For that reason, in this article, I will show you about the size and format of the highest performing Froggy Ads banner ads, and where to place them for the best results.

Some Reasons Why Froggy Ads Banner Size and Format Differ in Performance

As I said above, Froggy Ads has a lot of choices for banner sizes and ad formats that you can put on your website. However, not all sizes or formats have the same results.

A good result is usually because the ad appears closer to the content and is easily visible when your website pages load, and this will give you a higher CTR (click-through rate). So make sure you choose an ad size that has a high value and place it in a visible position, don’t have ads that are too small because this is not so visible and also don’t choose ads with sizes that are too large because it will affect the user experience.

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Furthermore, a factor that can affect the performance of ads on your website is how many advertisers choose the size of the format to run their ads. Some ad formats and banners can become more popular with advertisers and they feel that their adverts have succeeded in increasing product sales or visitors and this can also have an impact on the cost of ads on these formats that have high click values.

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Finally, there are several ad formats that are also optimized for mobile devices. If you have a website that is more likely to generate traffic from a smartphone, it is advisable to use ad formats that are optimized for smartphone devices.

Tips for Maximizing the Amount of Your Ad Space

Maximizing your ad space correctly will certainly make you able to make more money from Froggy Ads, and here are some tips to ensure that you make full use of your website’s potential when using Froggy Ads to generate blog revenue.

Test different ad placements – Try a number of different Froggy ad formats to find out which ad formats give you a better CTR and which formats give you bad ads.

Show multiple ads – Froggy Ads allows you to use up to 3 ad units on a page. Try different ad placements and formats to test which combination works best for you. Keep in mind that ad units do not mean the number of ads because one ad unit you can use to display 2, 3 or more.

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Prioritize visitors – While advertising revenue is important for the survival of many websites, you also need to think about your visitors or users. Placing ads in a way that influences user experience will affect user involvement on your website and also your website’s SEO.

Optimize website performance – Research shows that faster websites usually get more engaged viewers and this means a higher CTR for your ads.

And that’s a complete discussion about the best Froggy Ads banner or banner ad format and generate higher click values, hopefully this article helps you find the size and format of Froggy Ads ads with a fairly high performance.