Quarantines for Travel Within the U. S. April Airfarewatchdog Blog

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Since these initial states imposed quarantine regulations for individuals crossing state lines, several states have followed suit. Here is a list of alternative states restricting home tourists. Many require a mandatory self quarantine for 14 days, while some are simply suggesting an isolation period. Other states are just limiting airport access or travel to bound areas. Some states have these necessities only for tourists from “hot spot” states and cities where there are large outbreaks of the coronavirus COVID 19, while others are implementing these quarantines on all tourists.

You may run into checkpoints at the airport or on roadways to implement these orders. These efforts are all being made to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID 19 and we must always all do our part to circumvent any non vital travel in the mean time. Planes are still flying for vital travel adding transporting medical provides and team of workers, and for households to come back home or to be with household in this pandemic. These states have imposed strict measures to discourage any discretionary travel at the moment. The only exemptions from the orders listed above are airline crews, scientific workforce, military on orders, and citizens who help important infrastructure. For additional information, view the legit orders, which are linked above.

We may continue to see more states preclude domestic tourists in the future.

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