Quality Assurance is one of the determinants of the high quality of a product

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Quality Assurance is one of the determinants of the high quality of a product

Quality Assurance is one of the determinants of the high quality of a product

Quality Assurance is one of the determinants of the high quality of a product

In a product development process or product creation, it turns out that the developer team does not work alone. There are other teams that are moving specifically for trials, they are the Quality Assurance team. Quality Assurance is what will make any list that must be repaired, repeated, or even worthy to destroy.

Well, on this occasion we will discuss more about Quality Assurance and its important role to the determinant of the high quality of the product.

Quality Assurance is

So, QA or Quality Assurance is a team responsible for ensuring a product created by the company can function properly. After a product is finished, they will try to run and try the product to find out the quality of the product.

The purpose of the Quality Assurance is that the product can run or function properly without any obstacles or problems before being sold to the community. Some people often assume that Quality Assurance is the same as Quality Control. However, in reality these two jobs have a different scope of work.

Quality Control is on duty in monitoring and also ensures quality standards that have been standardized by the company. While Quality Assurance only ensures that the product can work and also function properly and explain anything that must be repaired by the company related to the product.

The benefits of Quality Assurance for companies are

  • Develop company needs
  • Focus more on quality
  • For International Certification Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • To produce high quality products
  • To avoid waste
  • Improve the company’s operational efficiency
  • Increase the satisfaction of consumers
  • Minimizes the existence of a re-understanding that is able to damage the company financially over time
  • Help companies to provide motivation to all members can work more effectively by providing high quality
  • Increase a sense of confidence in consumers

Quality Assurance Tasks and Responsibilities

The job of a Quality Assurance is not only limited to checking testing and also giving advice on a product. They also have other responsibilities and tasks such as:

  • Make, interpret, and apply standard quality assurance and standard procedures for the company.
  • Create new regulatory evaluations and existing regulations in order to ensure all protocols of the Quality Assurance are in accordance with the requirements.
  • Ensure again product quality after being edited and also tested by the company.
  • Recording all audit results as reference materials included with data statistics related to product quality.
  • Develop a training process in each individual involved or interact with the product.
  • Adjustment and make management risks that are able to influence the company.
  • Provide recommendations, develop, and also control collective actions and preventive actions.

Skill and Qualification Quality Assurance

If you are interested in career in this field, then you must have experience, especially in the field of industry production. In addition, you must also have the appropriate background. Apart from this, Northeastern University explains what skills must be fulfilled by a Quality Assurance, the skill is as follows:

  • Can understand, and interpret and also communicate with existing data
  • Has high-level project management expertise
  • Understand how a product or affect human life
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Quality Assurance Career Level

A career in the Quality Assurance world turns out to have a lot of profits. One of them is a lot of very wide career choices. When you follow the order of career paths, then you have a promotion to QA Manager, if you crawl from the junior position.

In addition, those involved in the Quality Assurance world can also make a leap in his career. The following is a career choice based on Tech Beacon.

1. Product Manager

Product Manager can be one of the choices of profession that is still related to Quality Assurance with taste to analyze audit and also provide solutions to a product, then the Quality Assurance already has a very mature problem solving skill.


DEVOPS is a series of jobs that automate the process between product development and also team development so that they can carry out the process of making, tests, and release of products to be faster and also more reliable.

Devops and Quality Assurance jobs are arguably very close together because both of them first try the product before they can be marketed to the community.

The main difference, in DEVOPS you must have the ability of a programming language or have the ability to manufacture technical products. So, if you want to switch from Quality Assurance, then you can learn first about the programming language and also the tools to use.

3. Customer Experience Leader

A good Quality Assurance will have knowledge and also focus on its customers they will be more focused on prioritizing the customer’s point of view when reviewing a product. With sensitivity to Customer Service, a Quality Assurance can also become a customer experience who tries to fulfill the expansion of all customers.

4. IT Management.

One skill or expertise obtained in working as Quality Assurance is a skill thinking critically and able to describe a situation in the scope of a very large picture. One of the tasks of Quality Assurance also provides training to its juniors who will take control of a product.

A Quality Assurance must also be used to doing his work in a runway, so running a management is not a difficult case.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Before we make a difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance Let’s understand the explanation between the two.

Sourced from the official website of Investopedia, Quality Control is a process of checking product quality carried out by the company. Quality Control is done in order to ensure the quality of the product that will be sold later in accordance with the existing product standards.

While Quality Assurance, reported from the official page of The Balance Small Business, Quality Assurance is a series of processes carried out to ensure that the quality requirements of a company can be fulfilled. This series of processes include planning and supervision of product-making activities carried out by the company.

Quality Assurance will be very necessary in the process of making a product, so that the work can be carried out to remain effective.

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What is the difference between the two?

1. Focus

The first difference from Quality Control and Quality Assurance is focus. As we mentioned earlier, Quality Assurance is the supervision process whether a quality requirement can be fulfilled by the company or not.

So, Quality Assurance will focus more on the process of making the product.

On the other hand, Quality Control will be more focused in finding and also looking for errors in the product results. So we can conclude briefly, then Quality Assurance is a proactive process, while Quality Control is a reactive process than the end result of a product.

2. Destination

The next difference from Quality Control and Quality Assurance is the goal. Reporting from the Diffen page, the main purpose of Quality Assurance is to develop and also test the process so that there are no errors when and when the product is being developed.

Quality Control will do the same thing, but it is done when the product has been developed. Simply put example, a company is making certain software.

The team that runs Quality Assurance will test the software to find bugs, freeze, and other errors that generally appear when using a software.

After a product has been developed, the Quality Control team will type the quality again than the software cannot be released on the market. Even so the ultimate goal of these two processes is basically the same as to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction can be fulfilled.

So, the company can maintain and also increase the customer and brand of loyalty.

3. How to work

Another difference from Quality Control and Quality Assurance is the way it works between the two. The way the Quality Assurance is to make system management more quality and also reject the benchmark so that it can determine the quality of the company.

While the Quality Control how it works is to find the source of the problem and also fix it by using existing tools so the quality of the product will be maintained.


Thus the explanation of us about Quality Assurance. So, we can conclude that Quality Assurance is a team that has the responsibility to ensure a product that has been created by the company can function and also run well.

This team has a very important role in determining the high quality of a product before it can be marketed to the market. However, other important things that cannot be forgotten by the company are about financial management or managing company funds better and also effectively.

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