QandA with IRI’s Larry Levin on Cannabis Marketing and Advertising Adelphic

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BDSA’s research shows that over half of all respondents either don’t know the difference among CBD and THC or are wrong of their perceptions of what each is. While it’s down from 63% nearly a year ago, it essentially shows how much confusion rests available in the market and is a signal that schooling is needed and will be most vital at the “final decision point” as sellers ought to be sure their staff is acutely aware of market changes among THC and CBD. In fact, the survey consequences from BDSA also show that consumers trust that any product that comprises hemp will have an “changing experience,” which will not be the case. Data is just “an ingredient” to understanding this market. Data continues to show how patrons are gaining more knowing and lengthening their effective attention to trying CBD and THC products.

As the market turns into more mainstream in consumer adoption, it turns into more mainstream in the average CPG market. Data may also help quantify the size of the opportunity and where marketing and sales efforts might be concentrated. And, while greater than half of today’s market connects sales via dispensaries, the channel will see much larger competition in the arriving years as CBD goes mainstream. BDSA and IRI predict that in below five years the dispensary channel will see share shrink to 25% of the market even though channel sales are forecasted to grow 2.

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