Push vs. In page Push Notifications Ads

At Froggy Ads, we not sleep so far with the latest trends in online marketing and we would have liked to share some appealing findings. Although still useful, push notifications have been around for ages, so they have lost their novelty factor to both consumers and affiliates. Now, the highlight is shining on in page push notifications, a new form of ad that provides the benefits of traditional pushes while getting rid of one of the vital setbacks. The truth is that both ad codecs can give great outcomes as a result of they are extraordinarily identical, albeit with one key difference.

Floating push ads are a bit various since you can curate longer ad sequences without fear of users unsubscribing. Traditional push notifications are shown at the browser level, while in page notifications are part of the publishing site’s script. All users have to do is visit a domain and they automatically become a candidate for in page push notifications. Unlike classic notifications, users don’t want to opt in or subscribe with the intention to get a push. They obtain them as part of the site’s content, that could amplify the reach of your ads. This is one of our newer findings, so we wanted to inspire you to run your own evaluation campaigns, try out this new format, and be among the many first to reap good effects.

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