Push Traffic: Guide to Everything You Wanted to Know Vortex Advertising

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What are Push Notifications?Push era isn’t new itself and it’s been at the market for a while now. So what’s the definition?To make it simple, push notifications are text and image notifications that you get hold of from sites you subscribed to or the apps you’ve enabled. Types of Push Notifications:— browser notifications: cross platform notifications that you obtain from sites when you hit the enable button on your browser;— mobile notifications: notifications that you can see at the lock screen of your phone, adding geo targeted notifications, promotions and reminders. What are the Benefits of Push Notifications?— high open rate notifications pop up on top of all of the windows;— wide reach that you would be able to engage with new users to boot with the present customers;— low costs typically cost per click is below the price per sending email or SMS;— simplicity and handy formatting you may only need the subject, description and image;— personalisation that you could time table notifications to fit the users’ exercise cycles;— no bots and fake traffic push site visitors comes from real people only. As that you would be able to see, push traffic is only perfect for content promotion.

But how is it connected to online affiliate marketing?Push era provides you with a chance to monetize alternative offers: just send a push notification with the link to the touchdown page and voila!That’s why at the moment media buyers are buying increasingly push traffic from old sites and monetize it with CPA offers, and affiliate networks are starting to add push site visitors as an ad format in return.

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