Push Notification, When to Use it and Why

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Push Notification When to Use it and Why
Push Notification, When to Use it and Why
Push Notification, When to Use it and Why 4

Push Notification, When to Use it and Why

When you visit a website, you definitely get a message at the bottom or top right of your browser that offers activation notifications for that website, right? This feature is actually practically used by many websites around the last few years. The name of the feature is push notification.

Simply put, this push notification is a notification message that will appear on the device screen, it can be a laptop, or cell phone, and also your browser. He will tell if there are the latest posts on the website. Now this feature is categorized into 2.

In-app push notification

This in-app push notification is a notification that you will receive on your cellphone or tablet. This feature is usually sent from the application installed by you and if on the iPhone, you have given the freedom to show the notification to you. For example, you get notifications from Instagram when you don’t open the application is a form of push notification. Usually on this feature, they will include a link so that you enter the application again.

Web Push Notification

While the second type is web push notification or notifications that appear from the website and not from the application. This notification is usually in the browser and appears when you visit the website for the first time. No need for an application for this one. You just have to click on allow and you will get a notification from the website you want. By using this web push notification you can get the latest updates from a website without having to always check it every day and every time. Usually the notification will appear directly on the PC or emailed to you.

What are the benefits of using this feature

So what are the benefits of using this feature? Is this feature really important so we have to use it? Or this feature is actually not very important so rather than burdening the website, it’s better not to use it? Here are the benefits of using this notification feature;

Actually, this feature really helps you to improve user experience or user experience for users of your application. With this notification system, users can receive the latest news updates. In addition, these users can also get daily updates faster and in real time. Especially for those of you who install travel applications, you can easily get road conditions whether stuck or not quickly. Everything is more efficient.

While for application and website owners, this notification is one way to be able to communicate with users. Just different from email, you can immediately get their response. This way, your click through rate can increase. Because of this notification we can set it to not just enter an email, but directly appear on the PC.

How? Are you interested in using this feature?

What Is Good Push Notification Like?

Then maybe you will ask, what is a good notification like? The following is at least the composition of push notification anatomy that can be considered good.


Push Notification When to Use it and Why
Push Notification, When to Use it and Why 5

First, the Headline must be made first and make it as attractive as possible. Why? Because this headline will be the first to be seen by website visitors. So when headlines are interesting, you can get people to click and subscribe to your notifications.


After the headline, the next most important is the description or explanation. This is the second element seen by website visitors. You can use action words that can make people want to do something, in this case clicking on your website and subscribing to your website notifications. You can give words that encourage them to take action.

Landing page URL

Landing Page is another important element in this feature. You definitely need a landing page so that clicking on this notification can take an action and they are satisfied after doing it.

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The last thing to consider is installing the most interesting icon for your website’s notification feature. The more interesting, the more people who will click on notifications from the website. That way, more and more people will probably read your website.

In addition to the anatomy issue, you also need to know when it is most appropriate to bring up this notification. As much as possible, send notifications when the subscribers are online. Then you can get engagement from there. Don’t just send notifications when your subscribers are sleeping and then you expect good results. You must get to know your subscribers and also their habits.

When to Use It?

If there are questions, when to use this feature, the answer is anytime! No matter what type of business you are running, you still have to use this feature. Why? If it is not detrimental and can maximize performance and results, why not use it? But exactly when? The following are the spaces that are considered appropriate to install this feature;


When you have an e-commerce business, you can start using this feature so that sales increase. One way is to always remind people about shopping cart abandonment. There are 70% of customers who often forget that they have put items in their basket. You definitely don’t want to lose the transaction right? Well, you can remind them by using this feature. That way they will be able to see the notification immediately and will immediately take action.

You can also use this feature to notify them of the latest items you have and also attractive discounts that are happening in e-commerce business. You can tell your visitors or subscribers about the latest collections so they know and can immediately take steps. This can increase engagement from sales for sure.

B2B business

Now, while for you who have a B2B business, you can use this feature to increase engagement and sales. One of the most frequently used by B2B businesses is promoting new content. Even according to the study, for B2B businesses, it takes five to seven visits to a new website and conversions can occur. Because of the difficulty, this notification will be very helpful.

Media Website

If you are running a media website, you can use this push notification to be able to tell people about breaking news in real time. Nowadays many people rely more on Twitter to get news. But if you have a news site, you can use this push notification to deliver the news directly to your readers. In addition, you can also send notifications that match what your readers like.

This feature can indeed be very useful for owners or online businesses in any form. Hope it is useful, good luck!