PubNative Tests CTV Solution AdCast to Reach Users in a Highly Engaged Setting ExchangeWire. com

PubNative is now checking out AdCast with Streamkey, a massive CTV platform, and Admixer Technologies, a full stack programmatic player. Established over 5 years ago, StreamKey TV has grown to be a leading CTV channel developer, with dozens of owned and operated applications across all major streaming systems and thousands and thousands of dedicated viewers. Thanks to PubNative’s sister company Verve, AdCast can make use of the superior technology of place audiences. Verve has formerly worked with several publishers in the attached TV space, comparable to Samsung, Pluto TV, Fox News, Chive TV, Gray TV and others.

The majority of the CTV audience is aged 25 44 and this group primarily uses mobile instruments for content material intake. On top of that, mobile ads have risen to account for over 60% of all electronic ad earnings, with this number transforming into annually. For the biggest group of CTV users, millennials, watching TV means streaming content through their web attached devices to a big home screen. When a user is streaming in app mobile content material through Chromecast, PubNative’s AdCast makes it possible for publishers to supplement their latest monetisation stack and allows advertisers to expand their reach to a completely unique pocket of inventory previously unavailable to them.

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