Publisher Ad Tips for Bloggers

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Leveraging ScaleAfter communicating with numerous publishers about ad stack optimization strategies, we discovered that a large number of you don’t understand how best to manage your ad stack. We put in combination some quick tips so that you can follow when preparing your ad stack. By operating with assorted Ad Networks, you’re able to better leverage their collective scale to further advantage your ad performance. The idea of leveraging scale is crucial here.

If you are a smaller publisher, with little to no per month traffic, it can be hard to get your audience in front of the correct brands. That’s where Ad Networks step in. Whether you’re a huge, ComScore 1000 writer or a smaller, DIY blogger with under 10K per thirty days pageviews, you can gain value from programmatic commercials by aligning your self with high quality, publisher concentrated Ad Networks. Depending on your size and/or technological sophistication, your online advertising strategy might vary a bit. For the goal of this piece, we’ll normally be specializing in programmatic advertisements concepts and the ways by which larger and smaller publishers can extract the highest value by strategically getting ready their ad stacks with good quality Ad Networks.

Bid DensityWhy is it so important to select the correct ad companion?It’s simple: bid density. Each ad associate has their own unique set of buyers note: not all buyers are created equal. The more partners you have got the more buyers you’ve got. The more buyers you’ve got, the greater the competitors. The higher the competitors, the better the CPM.

Now that you have a far better information of the advantages of bid density, and why integrating with multiple Ad Networks is a good option to your programmatic ads strategy, let’s dive into what those recommendations definitely appear as if. We’ll start with the ComScore 1000 publisher. Let’s use ESPN. com as our instance Note: no real ESPN income metrics used. You’re ESPN and your home Alexa Ranking is 25 and your per 30 days pageviews average around 600M, meaning you’ve got the scale and technological sophistication to combine immediately with particular, top rate brands.

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We refer to these integrations as “direct deals. ” Maybe you have got one yourself?The apparent benefits of a direct deal are that you are receiving top CPMs from a brand you trust at a 100% fill rate. Your goal is to use this direct integration to fill as lots of your first look impressions as conceivable. You’re ESPN and you put up an immediate address Gatorade to fill your ATF 300×250 with their newest ad at a $10 CPM at 100% fill rate for 200M monthly pageviews. That’s great.

But you continue to have 400M per 30 days pageviews you ought to monetize. That’s where programmatic advertisements comes into play. Organizing Your Ad StackESPN then reaches out to all of the top Ad Networks and begins checking out each companion at various price floors, alternative positions in their ad stack and optimizes each integration to yield optimum efficiency. Once you gauge the CPM and fill rates from each Ad Network, that you would be able to begin making ready your ad stack. You set up your ad stack in line with CPM first, then you definitely backfill your stack with a catch all answer that gives 100% fill with lower CPMs like Google AdSense.


Organizing your ad stack is all about choosing the strengths of your ad partners. For example, let’s say you’re already working with Google AdSense, and also you’re getting a $1 CPM and 100% fill. By putting an alternate Ad Network with a higher CPM solution before AdSense in your ad stack, you earn more income in your first look stock and still utilize your 100% fill answer to monetize the rest. That same idea of getting ready your ad stack can be applied to any publisher, big or small. If you’re an up and coming, after work DIY blogger, you may not be able to get the direct deal for $10 CPMs, but which you can still strategically accomplice with good quality Ad Networks to make sure you’re incomes probably the most earnings for your viewers.

Why You should Use More Than 1 Ad NetworkIf you simply use one Ad Network, you can see a very high fill rate, but the CPM won’t be as high. By adding an alternative Ad Network yielding a better CPM to your stack, you add more revenue by expanding your eCPM true CPM. Let’s say you have a 300×250 ad zone that sees 10K daily ad requests. Below are two monetization situations. The first situation represents a publisher utilising distinctive Ad Networks to monetize a 300×250 ad zone that sees 10,000 daily ad requests.

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The second state of affairs is that very same writer monetizing that very same ad zone, but only using one Ad Network, while the second one state of affairs depicts a writer using only Ad Network filling at a 100%. By partnering with multiple Ad Networks, you’re able to leverage their collective scale and enhance your standard bid density, which nets you more income to your impressions. While not all ad partners may be a good fit for your actual viewers niche, it’s worth trying out to find out. How To Organize Your Ad StackOnce you’ve picked your ad partners, you must decide how you’re going to put in force them. The first step is opting for each accomplice’s strengths.

Do they offer high CPMs with low fill rates or vice versa?Doing your analysis on your prospective companions will pay off should you’re constructing your ad stack. Ask each Ad Detwork where they ought to be in your chain to come up with their best performance and stack for this reason. When growing your stack, you’ll want to put into effect price floors to maximise your income. Depending on the dimensions of your site and high quality of your inventory you’ll like to put into effect various quantities of Ad Networks. If you’re a smaller site, you might not need 4 Ad Networks in each ad zone. If you’re a larger site, taking advantage of more ad networks may not be a bad idea.

Keep in mind, the Ad Networks with the maximum high quality internet sites will likely yield the highest CPMs.