Publicity is understanding, benefits and types of publicity

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Publicity is understanding, benefits and types of publicity

Publicity is understanding benefits and types of publicity

Basically, publicity is an effort made by a company so that it can look more trusted and its products can continue to be remembered by the wider community. This publicity effort is also able to influence a business development.

When the company does it appropriately, the awareness of a brand of a product that is promoted will be more increased.

Well, on this occasion, let’s discuss deeper about publicity, and what efforts do it in it.

Understanding of publicity is

Publicity is an effort in raising awareness of individuals, services, or products so that it can be considered by the public. It is very important to do because the process of making a product so that many people can be seen is not an easy thing.

However, what’s interesting about this process is fewer costs when compared to other marketing strategies such as commercial advertising. Although the budget is needed less, publicity is able to provide excellent benefits for a business.

Why? Because the audience obtained from publicity will be wider, so it will be able to give birth to awareness of a faster product.

However, publicity is different from other marketing strategies, because this method is done more general, so it does not have a more special target audience. Well, here are some differences in marketing and publicity as quoted from the official page of the Balance SMB:


  • Usually requires a cheap or even free budget cost
  • The aim is not to promote products or services
  • Do not have a particular audience target


  • Funds incurred are greater because they have to pay advertising fees
  • Marketing is done by promoting a product or service
  • Marketing also has a specific audience target

Basically, publicity is one part of the marketing strategy. But, publicity is more common and done can only be known to be broader in the eyes of the community.

When doing a marketing strategy, surely the goal is to deliver a message to the public to buy or use his services.

For this reason, it can be concluded that the main differences in marketing and publicity are from their goals. Marketing is done to persuade every potential consumer to make a purchase. While publicity is done only to increase public awareness of the products or services offered by the company.

Benefits of publicity for companies

Although publicity does not really need a large budget, but this activity is able to provide an extraordinary positive impact on the company. Quoted from the patch page, here are some of the benefits of publicity:

1. Build credibility

A company or business must be able to build credibility for its company. Why? Because, the better the credibility possessed by a company will be easier to attract many customers.

For a newly released product, publicity must be carried out so that people can immediately recognize the product. The more products are seen by the public, it will be easier to remember and will look credible in the eyes of the public.

2. Make business a public concern

The second benefit of publicity is to make a business more able to attract public attention.

Publicity carried out through social media will be able to make a business faster known, especially if the content in it is very interesting.

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Please note that a brand will be easier to note when the brand is able to make a unique and interesting content.

For this reason, a company or business must really pay attention to the media to carry out publicity activities.

Lack of publicity

  • The company cannot control the media
  • The company also cannot control what type of information is made by the media, so that if the information made by the media is the information that viles the company, it will be very detrimental.
  • Publicity can only be done in one direction, where the public can only read or see the news without any dialogue or interaction.

Publicity properties

Some of the main properties of publicity are as follows:

  • Publicity has a high level of truth or belief, news related to a publicity will be assessed by the community as a true fund will be easier to believe.
  • Depiction of a product. Just like Advertencies, publicity is also able to describe a company product in a clearer and more broad story.
  • The intent of the actual promotion will not be known, because the message will be delivered in the form of news without the intention of sales.
  • Publicity will also describe the condition of a company’s products clearly in various efforts and can be dramatically in such a way, so the product will be clearly illustrated.
  • Off guard, the news contained in the newspaper is read by almost everyone, so that the whole thing about the company will be able to read the wider community.

Publicity type

This publicity activity can be done with various kinds of efforts, here are some types of publicity that you must know.

1. Press release

Press release or press release is the easiest way to do publicity. The company can send a press release which contains an official release of a product or by doing an event that has been done.

Make a short press release and have very important information. After that, distribute the press release to all media.

2. Social media

Apart from making a press release, publicity can also be done using social media. At present there is a lot of the right place to introduce a product to the wider community, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, to Tik Tok.

In order to be able to form valid trust through social media, witness interesting and educational content.

3. Product placement.

You can also use product placement as one way in increasing public sounds on your product. This method is done by sending your products for free to blogger, influencer, or other media so you can be reviewed.

Later, the public will easier to believe in a product if it has been reviewed by someone he has known.

4. Do Partnership

By doing partnership with other brands, it will allow a better known product of the audience. This way will also allow a product to be widely known.

The form of collaboration can be done in various ways, such as making a limited special product, or making product bundling from two brands.

Free publicity media

In order to reach a publicity target that you really want, then you can use several publicity tools, namely:

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Google My Business

This tool is one of the good tools as well as online directories that are able to provide complete information to the audience when they want to know your products deeper.

In Google My Business you must include the full name of your store, address, operating hours, review from consumers, product photos, and booking information.

Local event calendar

If you do an event that requires publicity, try to visit local media sites. Usually, a news organization has a free community calendar. Well, you can send in detail by filling out online forms, so that the event you will hold can be added to a local event.

Media Community

In this case, you must be able to manage good relations with the media, the way can be by joining the media community so that you are easier to contact them for a publicity process.

Company blog

One of the publicity tools that you can use is a blog from your company. Make an article on information about products and services on your company blog that can attract every customer’s attention.

How to measure publicity levels

Beckwith explained that there are three ways that can be done to measure the impact of publicity, namely:

  • Evaluation method: This method is done by testing the level of awareness, attitude or audience opinion.
  • Comparing results: The point, you have to compare results with the plan and purpose of the publicity plan that had previously been there.
  • Analyze content and search for the wide range of media obtained. Every publicity obtained, recorded, analyzed, and written by various media that make news about your business. From the note, you can see very broad coverage related to the news and will rely on the magnitude of media circulation and the type of media that broadcasts the publicity of your news.


Thus an explanation of publicity. So, we can conclude that publicity is an effort in raising awareness of individuals, services, or products so that they can be considered by the public.

The types of publicity include press releases, social media, product placement, do partnership. Publicity can be done with various media, such as Google My Business, local event calendar, media community, and company blogs.

The main benefit is to build credibility and make business a public concern, so that in the end it will increase the interest of the wider community to make purchases on your product.

Although publicity requires a budget of funds that are not much than other types of marketing strategies, but you still have to do a good budget for the publicity process.

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