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Pleasenote that this Policy doesn’t to apply to non-public data You mayprovide to, or which is being processed by third parties, who aren’t affiliated with PUBGALAXY or do not processpersonal data on behalf of PUBGALAXY. These third events are DemandPartners and Advertisers, Ad Networks and Ad Servers and otherparties purchasing Ad Inventory or placing Ads on Your media inaccordance with the Services or some other non affiliated third party. In these cases, the privacy guidelines of these third events shallapply to that online service and we inspire You to get familiarwith their privacy guidelines to learn more about their privacypractices. For additional info please confer with the Section8 “Important information for You about data processing activitieswhen using third party generation for the availability of the Services”below. Only persons or agencies, that have entered into an Agreement withPUBGALAXY Client are entitled to sign in and use a shopper account on theSite.

To sign up and use a client account on the Site, informationregarding the Client and/or the Client Representatives and/or contactpersons is needed. This information may include, but is not restricted to:names, tackle, date of birth, phone number, email address, positioncapacity of the Representatives/ contact persons, company contactinformation, agency name, Commercial Register Number or other tax orregistration number suitable for the invoicing and taxation. Upon registering for the Service, all and sundry or theirrepresentative/Company is automatically subscribed to obtain: i ournewsletter, ii our marketing materials and iii our surveys, as noted inour Agreement unless the Client has requested for the respective clausesto be got rid of. For engaging in these purposes, PUBGALAXY may technique yourname, email tackle, company name, online region identifiers, profilepicture and the approach to achieving the page for subscription in case theperson is not a PUBGALAXY Client. The Client may unsubscribe fromreceiving i our newsletter, ii our advertising components and iii oursurveys an any time.

The Services provided by PUBGALAXY and the functionalities available on theSite aren’t meant for assortment, garage and processing of personaldata revealing racial or ethnic origin, political affairs, religious orphilosophical beliefs, or trade union club; genetic data, biometricdata, data regarding health or data regarding a natural person’s sex lifeor sexual orientation; or non-public data referring to crook convictionsand offences Special categories of information within the that means of Art. 9 andArt. 10 of the Regulation. PUBGALAXY does not and could not request fromYou the supply of any Special classes of personal data. You arekindly requested to never share with PUBGALAXY such variety of information viathe available electronic forms on the Site. We also use Google Analytics’ 3rd party viewers data, equivalent to age, gender and intereststo better have in mind the behavior of our customers andprovide ads targeted to suit your preferencesand pursuits.

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For example, you may see ads on theGoogle Display Network, in response to data collectedthrough automated means comparable to cookies. Automatedtechnologies are used to collect information when youclick on our ads, which helps track and manage theeffectiveness of our advertising efforts. You can setpreferences for the way Google advertises to you using theGoogle Ad Preferences Pageand if you want that you can opt out of attention basedadvertising absolutely by cookie settings or by usingthisGoogle tool. This web page uses AdWords Remarketing service toadvertise to third party websites adding Google toprevious visitors of our website. This may be in theform of an commercial on a Google search resultspage, or a site in the Google Display Network.

Thirdparty proprietors adding Google, use cookies to serveads based on someone’s last visit to the PUBGALAXYwebsite. Any data collected may be used in accordancewith this Policy and Google’s privacy policy. You canset alternatives for how Google advertises to you usingtheGoogle Ad Preferences Page,and if you need that you could opt out of interest basedadvertising totally by cookie settings or by usingthisGoogle tool. Our website makes use of the Facebook Pixel, which allowsus to measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads forstatistical and market research purposes. The datacollected in this way is anonymous to us, i. e.

we donot see the personal data of particular person users. Facebookmay link this data to your Facebook account andalso use it for its own promotional applications, inaccordance withFacebook’s Data Usage Policy. You can allow Facebook and its companions to put adson and stale Facebook. A cookie may also be stored onyour computing device for these applications. Facebook is certifiedunder the Privacy Shield Agreement and thus guaranteescompliance with European data coverage legislations. The contact form and the publication subscription form onour website are set through MailChimp and use automation toplace single pixel gifs, often known as web beacons, inevery email sent through MailChimp.

These beacons are tinygraphic files that include unique identifiers that enableus to identify when the user has opened an email orclicked bound links. These cookies/beacons record eachsubscribers email address, IP tackle, date, and timeassociated with each open and click for a campaign. Thedata is kept on MailChimp servers in the US and MailChimpis part of the Privacy Shield Agreement and thus guaranteescompliance with European data coverage legislations. On Your behalf in accordance with the Services we may place ad tags on YourWebsite or/and to provide you with ad tags for You to put on YourWebsite, to be able to enable the Partners to gather web viewing data, placecookies or other monitoring technologies on the contraptions of Your websitevisitors to inform, optimize, and serve customized ads in accordance with pastwebsite visits and to display screen ad impressions and other data inaccordance with the Services. These Partners use technologies for automaticcollection of information about the use of Your internet sites and the views oftheir ads.

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This data is at once accumulated by these Partners. It is Your responsibility according to the provision of the Services andthe Agreement to be sure that You will inform Your online page visitors andclients about the processing of their private data by Partners in a waythat your web page has a a privacy policy that i discloses usage ofthird party technology to gather and use data in connection with theService, ii complies with all applicable privacy and knowledge protectionlaws, and if data is accrued for interest based advertising applications ba mechanism to procure with appreciate to the Services, users’ prior andinformed consent to the use of third party technology reasonable evidenceof which can be maintained to the extent so required, if required byapplicable law. All our Partners who place third party generation on Your website havepublished in their privacy guidelines information about what personal dataare being gathered, stored or in another way processed by them to optimize andserve personalized ads and to computer screen ad impressions and other informationin accordance with the Services. We are dedicated to providing you with allthe advice for You to conform to your responsibilities to notify Yourwebsite visitors in regards to the processing of their non-public data by the use ofcookies or other tracking technologies that can be put on the contraptions ofYour online page visitors. Therefore, we have got compiled an exhaustive list ofPartner who we work with, and who will technique non-public data by the use ofcookies or other monitoring applied sciences on Your online page.

We have alsoincluded links to their Privacy guidelines.