Proven Health Benefits of Strawberries Organic Facts


A strawberry Fragaria is a sweet, red heart shaped fruit, which is way loved for its scrumptious taste and for its dietary benefits. Native to many parts of the area, it belongs to the rose family and has a definite aroma. Despite its name, a strawberry is not a berry from a botanical point of view. It is an mixture accessory fruit, meaning that the fleshy part is not derived from the plant ovaries. Instead, each visible seed overlaying its outside is borne from one of the vital ovaries of the flower.

The strawberry leaves are also eaten raw cooked and cooked. One also can take it as an antioxidant rich strawberry tea. Nutrition FactsStrawberries, rawServing Size : 100 g1 cup, halves 152 g1 cup, pureed 232 g1 cup, sliced 166 g1 cup, whole 144 g1 extra large 1 5/8″ dia 27 g1 large 1 3/8″ dia 18 g1 medium 1 1/4″ dia 12 g1 pint as purchased, yields 357 g1 small 1″ dia 7 g1 NLEA serving 147 gNutrientValueWater andlsqb;gandrsqb;90. 95Energy andlsqb;kcalandrsqb;32Energy andlsqb;kJandrsqb;136Protein andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 67Total lipid fat andlsqb;gandrsqb;0.

3Ash andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 4Carbohydrate, by change andlsqb;gandrsqb;7. 68Fiber, total dietary andlsqb;gandrsqb;2Sugars, total adding NLEA andlsqb;gandrsqb;4. 89Sucrose andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 47Glucose dextrose andlsqb;gandrsqb;1.

99Fructose andlsqb;gandrsqb;2. 44Starch andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 04Calcium, Ca andlsqb;mgandrsqb;16Iron, Fe andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 41Magnesium, Mg andlsqb;mgandrsqb;13Phosphorus, P andlsqb;mgandrsqb;24Potassium, K andlsqb;mgandrsqb;153Sodium, Na andlsqb;mgandrsqb;1Zinc, Zn andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 14Copper, Cu andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 05Manganese, Mn andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0.

39Selenium, Se andlsqb;µgandrsqb;0. 4Fluoride, F andlsqb;µgandrsqb;4. 4Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid andlsqb;mgandrsqb;58. 8Thiamin andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 02Riboflavin andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 02Niacin andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0.

39Pantothenic acid andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 13Vitamin B 6 andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 05Folate, total andlsqb;µgandrsqb;24Folate, food andlsqb;µgandrsqb;24Folate, DFE andlsqb;µgandrsqb;24Choline, total andlsqb;mgandrsqb;5. 7Betaine andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 2Vitamin A, RAE andlsqb;µgandrsqb;1Carotene, beta andlsqb;µgandrsqb;7Vitamin A, IU andlsqb;IUandrsqb;12Lutein + zeaxanthin andlsqb;µgandrsqb;26Vitamin E alpha tocopherol andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 29Tocopherol, beta andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0.

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01Tocopherol, gamma andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 08Tocopherol, delta andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 01Tocotrienol, alpha andlsqb;mgandrsqb;0. 01Vitamin K phylloquinone andlsqb;µgandrsqb;2. 2Fatty acids, total saturated andlsqb;gandrsqb;0.

0216:0 andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 0118:0 andlsqb;gandrsqb;0Fatty acids, total monounsaturated andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 0416:1 andlsqb;gandrsqb;018:1 andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 04Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 1618:2 andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 0918:3 andlsqb;gandrsqb;0.

07Phytosterols andlsqb;mgandrsqb;12Tryptophan andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 01Threonine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 02Isoleucine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 02Leucine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 03Lysine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 03Methionine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0Cystine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0.

01Phenylalanine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 02Tyrosine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 02Valine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 02Arginine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 03Histidine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 01Alanine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0.

03Aspartic acid andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 15Glutamic acid andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 1Glycine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 03Proline andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 02Serine andlsqb;gandrsqb;0. 03 Sources include : USDAVitamin C, folate, anthocyanins, quercetin, and kaempferol are a couple of of the many flavonoids in strawberries that act as astonishing antioxidants.

Together, they form a powerful line of protection to fight cancer and tumor growth. Research published in the magazine Antioxidants showed that colorectal cancer was inhibited in mice that were given a strawberry enriched diet for 13 weeks. Furthermore, the daily intake of strawberries is attached to a drastic reduction in the presence and metastasis of cancer cells. An Ohio State University study showed that freeze dried strawberry powder has the ability to steer clear of esophageal cancer.