Prospects are: This is understanding and how to do good prospects

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Prospects are This is understanding and how to do good prospects 1

Prospects are: This is understanding and how to do good prospects

Prospects are This is understanding and how to do good prospects 1

Before doing a business, usually a businessman will first conduct research on the prospect of his business. But, what is the prospect in question? Reporting from a large Indonesian or KBBI dictionary, the prospect is a hope or possibility.

If it is significantly interpreted, the prospect is a thing that in the future may occur and can make a certain effect.

In a business, prospects are various things that can provide enormous benefits for business people.

The definition of prospects is

In the world of business, sales, or marketing, prospects are prospective buyers, prospective consumers, or prospective customers.

Meanwhile, activities to obtain prospective buyers or prospective consumers are usually called Prospecting or Finding Prospect. Basically, the prospect is a very potential general consumer to be able to purchase goods or services to what is offered.

Siswanto Sutojo explained that the prospect was a clear picture of the opportunity and the threat of a marketing activity and sales in the future.

While Bilson Simamora believes that the prospect is a group, organization or individual that is considered to have the potential in conducting a business exchange, or prospective buyers who have the willingness of a product or service.

Source of information about prospects

As we know that a salesman every day must be able to try to find prospects or prospective consumers. That means, they must be able to know exactly about what and how to find prospects.

Well, here are some sources of information in getting prospective prospective data.

1. family

The information source in obtaining the first prospective consumer is family. Surely they will be happy to show anyone who might suit your consumer target, and introduce it to you. For that, start finding out with the closest person in your family.

2. Friends

Friends can be used as a first or minimal consumer they will be happy to assist you in the show and also introduced them it could possibly be consumers or customers.

3. Society

Each community certainly has the association, such as study associations, gymnastics associations, associations gathering, association PKK, etc. They can make your product sales prospects.

4. Club or Organization

Almost the same with the association, the difference is a club or organization in general will be more structured and also have a more orderly management.

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Generally, each club has a special people, professionals, or entrepreneurs who have a hobby or interest that is almost the same. They can make good business prospects going forward.

5. Exhibition or trade exhibition (industry)

Those who are willing to attend exhibitions have the same potential for you to make prospective consumers. The place is a gathering place for buyers and also sellers. Therefore, the event is a very good event to be able to get prospective consumers.

6. Business advertising

Those who see competitor ads in the same field or similar to your product can basically make as a potential prospective buyer.

How to find prospects or prospective consumers

There are various ways you can to find prospective customers. Every company usually has its own way. Well, here are some ways you can find prospective customers who are often done by large companies.

1. The endless chain (reference)

This method is the most widely used way by Sales Executives, which in this way the salesmen will perform prospecting by asking for reference to one or more acquaintances or anyone who can be used as potential consumer candidates.

In this way, the Sales Executive will not run out of prospective consumers, and they will always get new prospects that are potential and able to meet the requirements they have made.

2. The Center of Influence (Community Leader)

As we already know together that every region will generally have community leaders or those who are very respected, both because of religious, education, social, community factors, etc.

In general, they have references or recognize anyone who is appropriate to be used as a prospective consumer of your product.

So, you can ask their help to give a reference. However, you still have to provide a service to them if the recommended new prospects want to buy your product.

3. Direct demonstration (demo in place)

This method is done by visiting a place and asking permission to the place owner to do the demo of your product. In general, demos can be done in various places. However, often the demonstration is carried out somewhere that is doing certain events, such as social gathering, PKK, etc.

4. Canvassing (around)

This method is a way that is generally done by Sales Executive, which is by touring the product.

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So, Sales Executive will visit an area, go around, and offer the product directly or just bring a brochure so that it will be demonstrated.

5. Personal Observation (Personal Observation)

This method is a complementary way of various previous points, where almost all sales executives must carry out independent observation activities.

Personal Observation is a way that is done to pay attention to the surroundings regarding opportunities that can lead to purchases or prospecting.

This method can be done anywhere and anytime, like when meeting a friend, attend a event, or even traveling.

Evaluation of prospective consumers

As we already know together that not all prospective consumers can be used as potential potential customers. For this reason, there are several prospect requirements that must be made.

This is done because of the many sales executives that throw a lot of time by carrying out prospects with prospects of improper consumers.

Therefore, each sales executive must be able to evaluate before doing prospects for prospective consumers. Some points that must be considered in conducting evaluations are as follows:

1. The need and desire will be the product

Every prospective consumer must have the need or desire for the product of the goods or services you offer.

His needs and desire for a product cannot always be clearly visible. Sometimes it can be unallified by the problems they feel and the solution you offer with your product. Therefore, each sales must be able to read these conditions.

In addition, prospective consumers are also often unconscious that they need your product, they consider what happened to him is common. In fact, by having your product, it could be that they will be more productive in doing something.

2. Having purchasing power

The next factor that must be considered is the purchasing power, it can be a prospective customer you really need or want your product but their purchasing power turns out to be low. Well, in this case, they are not potential potential potential, and you do not need to spend power to do prospects to them.

If this is ignored, then will cause payment problems, and can even cause traffic jams.

3. Decision maker

Each sales must be smarter in paying attention to prospect of prospective consumers in making decisions.

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In general, if you do prospects for an institution, then those who have a decision are certain people, such as institutional leaders or those who are given certain authority.

In this case, you must be able to do prospects to the right person and have the authority to make the decision to buy your product, so that the prospect process can be done smoothly.

4. Special requirements (products)

In a buying and selling activity, generally there are several certain requirements related to the product you want to sell.

Some products have certain conditions in order to have or use the product, and if the condition cannot be fulfilled, the prospective consumer is not included in a good prospect.

5. Sales visit

Although all the above requirements are able to be fulfilled by prospective prospects, it will be useless if prospective consumers become difficult to find.

How you can offer or present your product or service if they are difficult to contact or difficult to find. For this reason, don’t spend your energy in prospective consumers like this.


Thus a complete explanation of prospects. We can conclude that the prospect is a very potential general consumer to be able to purchase goods or services to what is offered.

Information sources to get the right prospects you can get from family, friends, associations, clubs or organizations, exhibitions or trade exhibitions (industries) and business advertising.

Whereas to get the right customer prospective, it can be done by the endless chain (reference), The Center of Influence (community leader), Direct Demonstration (demo in place), Canvassing (traveling), Personal Observation (personal observation).

It is very important to note so that you can get a good prospect so that there are many purchases, so your potential to get profit or profit will increase.

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