Pros and Cons of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Pros and Cons of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Pros and Cons of Search Engine Marketing SEM

Today’s consumers are much smarter and more selective when it comes to making purchases. They will look for product information and compare it with other products before deciding to buy. The majority of those searches will occur via search engines or search engines. Taking advantage of this activity, now search engines are not only a repository of information but also a forum for promotion. Search engine marketing or SEM is the term used.

SEM is a form of marketing on the internet to increase website visibility on search engine result pages through website promotion activities. Or in other words “buying” traffic by paying for search engines like Google. This method is considered effective because it can place your website on the first page of search engines. But like a consumer, you as a business owner must be smart enough when you want to choose this method. As a reference, the following Journal summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of SEM when applied to your business.

Advantages of Using SEM

Reached By Many Audiences

No one doubts the vast affordability of search engines. Any information uploaded can be seen by audiences almost all over the world. Google, the most popular search engine, is currently able to spread info on 1.9 billion websites with 400 million searches per day by more than 90.4% of the world’s internet users.

Your marketing information certainly doesn’t reach this many figures. But you can estimate how many people you might reach. The more visible you are to your audience, the more opportunities you have to find new customers. And SEM has this service for you.

Have the desired target options

Another advantage of SEM that you can get is that it can be targeted. Search engine marketing gives you the flexibility to choose very specific targets through relevant keywords and phrases. Besides, Google Adwords allows you to target based on specific device, location, time of day, and language. So that every click you get from your website comes from an audience who likes and needs your product and has the potential to become a consumer.

Increase Website Traffic

SEM keeps your marketing website at the top of the search engines. Affordability of this audience’s vision will increase the chances of your website being opened and your content being enjoyed.

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Can Control Budget

Search engine marketing adopts a pay per click (PPC) system, where you only pay for content that gets clicks from your audience. With this system, you can use marketing costs more wisely and of course more efficiently. This system makes SEM less expensive than traditional advertising on television, radio, newspapers, and magazines and more targeted.

Effectiveness is Measured Clearly and Easily

When you decide to do marketing with technology, there will be data provided to make it easier for you to measure performance. Likewise when you do marketing using search engines. This data can later be adjusted according to your marketing goals to find out whether the content is working effectively or not. You can also track your ROI so you know where you should put the most of your budget to increase sales.

Give Opportunity to Do Testing

Of course, you don’t know whether the promotional content that is created will be successful or not. But there’s no need to worry because in this method you can test your creatives against each other to compare results. This test will allow you to fine-tune your promotional content and make it work as effectively as possible.

Disadvantages of Using SEM


The search engine contains billions of pieces of information including the same information you want to provide. Especially if the keywords used are quite popular. Then be prepared for high competition to get the top spots. This can be attempted. But it costs more for your marketing efforts to have an impact on your audience.

Requires More Time

It takes more time than you realize to research truly powerful keywords. Besides, the devices and applications used have so many features that it takes time to learn.

Plus this method requires you to constantly monitor and update your content. Though it takes time to find out the combination of promotional text, review the results and test the material to maintain the best results.

Algorithms Change

Algorithm change is a challenge that is often encountered when applying the SEM method. As is well known Google changes its algorithm up to 600 times per year. Most of these changes are small in scale and so go unnoticed. It takes a lot of effort to keep up, as these changes have an effect on your marketing and may not be appropriate.

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Lack of Visual Content

Today’s audience tends to like content that contains images and videos. Meanwhile, for advertising using SEM, visuals like this are rarely found. For those of you whose marketing needs visual content, maybe you can think again about using this method because it could be less relevant.

Avoided Content

Audiences also tend to avoid advertisements. If they find out that your article, caption, photo, video, or audio is an advertisement, many try to leave the page. Or maybe the audience is looking for a specific result and doesn’t want to be bothered by advertisements.

Meanwhile, if you use a marketing method with search engines, automatically a green box marked “AD” will be embedded in it. This is what makes content marketing through search engines often avoided.

Visibility Doesn’t Last Long

One of the benefits of SEM is that your content will appear immediately and be in the top line of searches. But it will disappear soon if you stop paying.

The Gap of Cost Waste

This drawback is related to the previous point. You may save by paying for the clicks you receive. However, this is also a loophole for waste of costs. You will be billed every time the audience decides to click on the website. This can be stopped. But when you stop paying, your brand will disappear.

By knowing the points above, hopefully, you can find out whether SEM is the best method for your business. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and provides you with multiple options for marketing your product.