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Propeller Ads has undoubtedly become top-of-the-line AdSense options for a large number of publishers who are turned down by AdSense. The network offers first-rate CPM rates for tier one traffic and likewise has a global fill rate. Publishers need to have real site visitors to earn income from Propeller Ads. It is one of the biggest pop under ad networks which serves around 700+ million ad impressions daily and has more than 4600 active campaigns. It has one of the vital top partners like Snapdeal, Zynga, Mobvista, Alibaba, ExpertMobi, Matomy to name a few.

In this post, we will be discussing Propeller Ads CPM Rates 2018 with respect to its ad units, incomes model, and cost proof and incomes report back to help you decide if it’s the right ad network to monetize your online page, blog, or mobile app with. Propeller Ads is a comparatively newer electronic advertisements community which was started in 2012. It is one of the fastest transforming into pop under ad networks as of now. It has a 100% fill rate for all nations and gives robust CPMs for top converting traffic. The community has a number of ad formats which are available to aid publishers monetize their internet sites.

Their monetization solutions were found to be compatible with all other ad networks and thus can be run along contextual networks like Google AdSense. Additionally, Propeller ads has a very easy register manner which is completely free. The account gets activated as soon as the e-mail address is confirmed. There is no minimal traffic requirement for websites, but all the websites are manually reviewed and accepted before ad serving takes effect. In order to earn high CPM from Propeller Ads, the main component of your site visitors should are available from nations like the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia. Publishers need to have valuable articles, videos, and other engaging content.

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This will let them get a stronger conversion rate. The common global CPM rate lies from a 30 cents to USD 7. It is low for Asian site visitors. The CPM earned depends closely on the type of ad unit that you just’re using. High paying niches are gaming, movies, enjoyment, viral, and downloads.

The maximum CPM can be got from pop under ads and native subscriptions. Propeller ads work best with torrent and file sharing internet sites that have high converting traffic. Most of the campaigns run on the Propellerads market which has higher CPL are the ones which either target device downloads or prompt a purchase order. Thus the websites like movie download, torrent, file download are likely to perform much better followed by social and viral sites. It is not always easy to investigate the common of any CPM based network since they rates and conversions are highly based on the high quality of the site visitors and the source of the site visitors.

However, if we are to make some gross common, they Propellerads CPM rates for tier one traffic can be anywhere around $5 and above. For tier two, which you could expect the rates to be near to $1. 5 per thousand impressions. It can hover anyplace around $1 and $2, well depends upon the country and the web site. For tier three site visitors, Propeller ads CPM rates could be any place around 30 cents, and mostly again shall depend upon the conversion and good quality of the traffic. If you’re seeing low CPM is Propeller ads then you definitely have to be using an ad format that’s not changing in your site visitors.

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I would imply you utilize the pop under format or direct link format. However, using the direct link format can negatively impact your web content visitors, so be sure to be using them if and provided that you’re buying traffic from other sources, otherwise the average impact on search traffic can be deadly. Overall, there’s nothing much which you could do when you are seeing low Propeller ads CPM. Instead, I would strongly suggest you use a mediation network like Adspyglass and compete for all of the major pop under networks and check which pop under ad community is supplying you with the highest CPM. The payment options supplied by Propeller Ads to its publishers are Payoneer Prepaid, Mastercard, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, Bank Wire Transfer, ePayments, EPESE, and Webmoney. The bills are immediately processed.

The agency follows a NET 30 agenda, this is, the payments get processed every 30 days. The minimal payout threshold is USD 50 for PayPal, USD 100 for Payoneer, and USD 500 for Wire Transfers. The dashboard of Propeller Ads shows all of the statistics in real time. Publishers can view the variety of impressions or clicks, CTR or CPM, and profit. The date range can also be particular. These data come enormously useful when examining your functionality.