Promotion is: understanding of experts, types, and for example

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Promotion is: understanding of experts, types, and for example

Promotion is understanding of experts types and for example

Basically, promotion is one of the terms that are very often used in marketing activities. So, what exactly does this promotion? What are the purpose of promotion?

Well, on this occasion, let’s discuss completely several things related to promotion, such as promotional explanations based on experts, their goals, and types of promotions. For this reason, read articles about this promotion until it’s finished so you can understand the understanding of the promotion.

Understanding of promotion in general

In the world of work, promotion is a reformation or position of employees in the company’s organizational structure.

Whereas in the world of marketing, promotion is an activity carried out so that it can increase the development of something, whether it’s brand, product, or company itself. But this time we will focus more on discussing promotions in the field of marketing.

So, in the world of marketing, promotion is a communication activity carried out by someone or company to the wider community. The aim is to introduce products to the community and affect them to buy and use the product.

That is, promotion is an activity that has been very common by marketers to be able to provide information regarding a product and also encourage prospective consumers to make purchasing goods or services offered by the company.

This activity will generally combine several forms of promotion, such as advertisements, discounts, or company branded shirts.

For example, there is a shoe store that advertises advertisements on social media that offer special prices for shoes with famous brands and they inform you anytime and anywhere sales are made.

There are many ways and also promotional media that can be done, even the method in carrying out this promotion continues to develop. Some examples of promotional media are print media, billboards, billboards, radio, TV and the internet.

Understanding promotion according to experts

In order for us to be able to better understand the understanding of promotion, we can refer some opinions of experts related to the understanding of the promotion below.

1. Harper Boyd.

Boyd explained that promotion is an attempt to persuade people to receive products, concepts or ideas.

2. Basu Swastha Dharmesta

Swastha argues that promotion is a promotion carried out in one direction made to influence other parties so that it can create exchanges in marketing.

3. Louis E. Boone & David L. Kurtz

According to Boone and Kurtz, promotion is an effort to persuade, provide information, and influence purchasing decisions.

4. Fandy Tjiptono.

Based on Tjiptono, promotion is one form of marketing communication carried out to disseminate information, influence, persuade, or increase the target market for the company and its products so that people can accept, buy and also loyal to the products offered by the company.

5. Philip Kotler

Kotler argues that promotion is one part and also the process of marketing strategies as a form of communication with the market through the composition of marketing mix.

6. Indriyo Gitosudarmo

Gitosudarmo explained that promotion is an activity carried out to influence prospective consumers so that they can get to know the products offered by companies on them and then they are happy and want to buy the product.

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Promotional Promotion is

Every party carrying out promotional activities certainly has the goals you want to achieve. Based on the understanding of the promotion above, some promotional objectives are as follows:

  • Provide information about a wide product in potential consumer prospective
  • Obtain and also reach new consumers and maintain the level of consumer loyalty.
  • Help increase sales and company benefits
  • Increase the advantage and also distinguish a product with other products from competitors.
  • Build product branding and image on a brand in the eyes of consumers
  • Affect consumer assumptions and behavior of a product.
  • So, we can conclude that the main purpose of promotion is to increase sales and corporate profits.

Type-type promotion

Various marketing methods have been able to create shape and also a very diverse way of promotion. Generally, this promotional activity includes advertisements, press releases, consumer promotions, and many more.

Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong argue that promotion can be divided into five types, namely Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, Public Relations, and Direct Marketing.

But in general, various promotions that we often see and find today are as follows.

1. Physical promotion

We can find physically done promotions easily on events or certain activities, such as concerts, bazaits, exhibitions, and many more. This promotional activity is generally done by opening a booth in order to offer product or service items.

This type of promotion has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of this promotion are enabling businessmen to reach and interact with prospective consumers directly. While the shortcomings of physical promotion are limited prospective consumers that can be reached

Generally, this promotional activity is held in special locations, such as offices, schools or campuses, malls, etc. So, everyone who is at the location can be reached easily.

2. Promotion through traditional media

This type of promotion was used to very effective for increasing sales, some examples were print media, TV, radio, billboards, banner advertising, etc.

This type of promotion also has its own advantages rather than physical promotion, which can reach more consumers in a long period of time. But, this type of promotion has a shortage, namely the high cost of promotional costs, both in terms of media or the cost of promotion itself.

3. Promotion through digital media

Technology development and information media today have changed our promotional ways. Some promotions that can be done digitally include network websites, social media, search engines, applications, emails, etc.

Every businessman who has literate technology will generally tend to have the internet as a media promotion media. Apart from cheaper, this promotion can also reach more people, and the promotion process is easier and fast.

However, the deficiency of digital promotion is a required high level of creativity in carrying out promotions continuously, because there are many business competitors in it. That means, the main key of the success of digital promotion is uniqueness and also the right target.

Some examples of promotions

1. Promotion of new products

For example, there is a restaurant that has a new menu and wants to promote the consumers. Well, one way that can be done is to “buy the meal menu x and get a bonus of one fresh drink”

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2. Promotions so that the offer is more interesting

Often home marketing agencies provide added value in home offers. So, as if consumers will get certain benefits when buying the house. As for example buying free air conditioning houses, and have the opportunity to get a car or motorbike if you win the lottery.

3. Cashback promotion

Generally, promotion with cashback is done so that it can attract consumers to make purchases in a special nominal. Usually, this method is done to increase sales in certain events. After the event ended, the Cashback promo will end.

4. Promotion provides examples of products or tester

Some of us will have ever gotten an offer to try a product for free, or buy coffee and get extra crimers.

This way is the promotion carried out by offering consumers to try products for free. The aim is to get feedback from consumers.


Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that promotion is all ways that can be done by business people in increasing the visibility of a service, product, brand or company.

Some important things that must be underlined with promotion are first, that promotion is a process done to increase product visibility, services, or brands. Second, the most effective marketing strategy is very diverse, depending on the type of industry, business, and other factors.

Third, some media that can be done for promotion are billboards, TV advertisements, and promotions carried out manually.

Prospective consumers who have an interest in accordance with the contents of your promo will generally read or listen to the information longer because they are interested.

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