Project management: understanding, purpose, target, scope, and for example

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Project management understanding purpose target scope and for example

Project management: understanding, purpose, target, scope, and for example

Project management understanding purpose target scope and for example

Maybe you’ve been wondering how a large seminar held in a five-star hotel with many spectators can succeed. Or maybe you have walked through a large building construction and then thinking, “How does this building construction project require large funds and involve many people can run so smoothly?”. The answer is project management.

Definition of project management

Management in general is an effort to achieve a goal with minimal resources as possible (efficiently). Meanwhile, the project is a work plan with a particular achievement target that is completed in a certain time span.

Collectively, project management is an approach / method for managing a project effectively and efficiently. This system is present as a device to help manage project-shaped activities, such as construction projects. Without it, a project will be difficult to execute both in terms of costs, time, or even the quality.

Project management objectives

Project management apps has a number of goals, including:

Complete timely

In time management, a linimasa is determined which contains when an activity must begin and when to finish. With this, the project will always be monitored so that it can be completed in a predetermined time. Such supervision launched project work.

Maintain a budget

The budget is one of the aspects studied in this management. With this assessment, the amount of budget will be sought to a minimum, but can still support the achievement of the project criteria that have been determined at the beginning (effective and efficient).

Maintain quality

As mentioned at the previous points, the project criteria specified at the beginning must be achieved. That is, project management also makes the quality standards of a project so that it is not just done.

Launch the project

In the end, the ideal project is a project that is completed in accordance with initial planning, both in terms of time, budget, and quality. This management helps project work so that it will be smoothly in accordance with the initial plan.

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Project management goals

The project management goals are as follows:

  • Complete and develop the project in accordance with the budget and the deadline that has been determined at once in the quality / specification according to the agreed upon at the beginning.
  • Increase the good name of project implementers based on the quality of the project results.
  • Creating a conducive work atmosphere to support the smooth activity of the project. This includes the availability of circumstances, infrastructure, and work safety.
  • Maintain harmony between parties in the project so that all parties involved will provide the best for the project being carried out.

Project Management Scope

The things included in the project scope domain project management are as follows:

  • The project time starts
  • Project scope planning
  • Designing of the Project Scope
  • Project verification and control when the project is being carried out

Example of project management

Actually there are many examples. Some of them are as follows.

1. Construction project

Construction projects are projects related to the construction of public facilities, such as the construction of dams, buildings, electricity generation areas, bridges, factories, highways, toll roads, and so on.

2. Research Project

Research projects are basically a project carried out for research and development purposes. The results of the study later are used to improve the quality of goods or services, or only for the development of science.

3. Capital solid project

Capital solid project is a large production project with mechanical assistance (robots). This project is called “solid” because the execution requires a lot of capital. The number of required capital makes it can only be done by large companies.

4. Manufacturing project

The manufacturing project is a project that draft to produce a product as a whole.


So that a project can run smoothly towards the project goal with specifications that have been determined at the beginning, project management is needed. In this process, many things like a budget, deadlines, and the scope of the project must be planned.

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On each project there is a risk. What’s more on big projects, the number of decisions that must be taken makes the many possible obstacles and risks that will appear. To avoid these risks, you can search for a way to consider everything possible.

The success of a project is also based on a good budget calculation system and details on your business bookkeeping. Without calculating the budget, of course your project that you are working on will fail.

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