Profit From CPA, What Is CPA?

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Profit From CPA What Is CPA

Profit From CPA, What Is CPA?

Profit From CPA What Is CPA

For you who are a publisher, of course you are already familiar with the term CPA. CPA is a “way” to get money from the internet. Many say instead, internet businesses using the CPA method are quite profitable, even arguably large. But … what is CPA food actually? Let us review on this occasion.

CPA Is a Short Way to Get Rich

Cost-per-Action or commonly abbreviated as CPA is a derivative of the affiliate marketing model where a publisher will get a commission when a user does something (action). Included in something that is done by this user are; fill out a form, register something, download a mobile / pc application, or buy a product through the page provided by the advertiser (advertiser). Commissions given are usually different based on demographics and regions that are the target of the advertiser.

Although the amount of commission given varies, but for demographics that can be considered class A (usually the UK, USA, or EU region) has the potential to provide commissions of up to 25 thousand rupiah per action taken! Eits, not all types of CPA provide that much commission. Usually for commissions of this size, users are required to sign-up or buy a product. With this much potential, imagine if a website’s traffic for example has 1000 UV (unique visitors) per day. With an estimated 10% of conversions alone multiplied by 25 thousand.

Unlike the CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

Maybe what we are familiar with CPA is the cost per acquisition or price (value) for an acquisition done by the user. This term is commonly heard on Google Adwords or other types of affiliate marketing business. But unlike acquisition (although you could say the acquisition too), A in CPA is an action as we discussed earlier. Well, about what are the derivatives of this CPA?


  • CPL (Cost Per Lead)

Cost Per Lead, or CPL is a marketing method where an advertiser pays a publisher for every lead that meets the qualifications. Here a publisher is not required to obtain conversions in the form of sales or sales. But enough to provide leads from traffic that enters the funnel he has.

For example, a publisher has a site about online business whose main focus is forex. On the other hand an advertiser wants to sell a forex robot service. From sites owned by publishers there will be a lot of incoming traffic with the first goal is to find information about online business and of course forex.

Well, the task of a publisher here is to sort out the traffic based on their interest in forex. How to sort traffic to become leads can be in several ways, namely entering into native ads (advertising in articles). Or by using banners that specifically explain the matter of forex robots.

  • CPS (Cost Per Sale)

Cost Per Sale, or CPS is a marketing method where an advertiser will pay a publisher when they successfully convert traffic or leads into real sales. This method can be done both in the online and offline world. CPS is one type of CPA that gives a commission usually greater than other types of CPA.

But comparable to the commission generated by this method, usually to convert leads into sales is quite heavy. In addition to the credibility of the advertisements offered (whether it is convincing enough for the user), what must also be considered is the credibility of the publisher himself. For example a person who has a blog about diet and health that already has a name, will certainly tend to be easier to sell their affiliate links than a new health blog.

  • CPI (Cost Per Install)

Cost Per-Install, or CPI is a marketing method that is usually used to market mobile applications. Maybe a lot of CPA marketing with this type of CPI we have met. For example we meet everyday in Instagram advertisements for example, or when reading a blog about games and technology.

The applications they market are usually free applications. But how can an advertiser pay a publisher for a free application? The answer is very possible. Given the income of an application is usually large from ads that run in the application, or premium features that are sold to users who have installed the application or game.


Those who Use CPA Services

Not only profitable for publishers, but CPA is also profitable for the advertiser. CPA is one way to introduce and market products in an effective and targeted manner. Even using CPA can actually save more on advertising costs and cut competition with other products that have a high level of awareness in the community.

Let’s take the example of a mobile game application that just came out, with the type of battle royale game. As we know this type of game is very much controlled by the Unknown Battleground Mobile Player, or PUBG Mobile. So the chance of a game with the same type, let’s say Free Fire by Garena. Garena is a fairly large game developer company that oversees the MOBA Arena of Valor game.

With competition with similar keywords, it will be quite difficult and expensive when Garena will advertise on Google or advertise it via Youtube. But it will be easier and cheaper when Garena chooses to pay and use the services of a CPA Network that will help market their products.

How CPA Network Works

How does marketing work using CPA Network? Here, Garena who plays as an advertiser here will pay CPA network to get millions of downloads, for example. Then the CPA Network will share the commission given by Garena for each time the game is downloaded via their affiliate link, to the publishers who are members of the CPA Network. This publisher position can be filled us as individuals or a company that has its own media.


CPA is a marketing method in the digital era that can be done by you who want to get a side income from the internet. But to play amidst the competition of the publishers, at least the first provision to fight has been prepared. This provision includes a good and trusted website in the eyes of readers or prospective users. Decide on a domain name that is easy for readers to remember to increase your site’s conversion opportunities.

Ready to make your first dollar from the CPA?