Production is the core of a business. Here’s the factor and process

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Production is the core of a business. Here’s the factor and process

Production is the core of a business. Heres the factor and process

Production is can be said to be the core of a business. Production activities are the earliest process in buying and selling activities in business. Production is also a process of processing raw materials into finished goods. By so can produce products that have selling values.

Below will be explained about the definition of production, what are the factors, and some processes. All the following explanations may be a reference material for those who do not understand what the production process is. Here’s a full description:

Understanding of production

In general, production is an activity to produce or add value to an item or service. The manufacture of goods or services is intended to meet the needs of the community. People or agents that carry out the production process are called manufacturers. Whereas for goods or services produced by producers are called the product.

If you are slapped according to language, production comes from English “to produce”, which means to produce. Another understanding of production is the activity of processing both raw materials and semi-finished goods into materials that have selling values.

Production also means a process of making goods or services so that it makes its value increase higher than its raw material.

The lives of today’s society cannot be separated from production activities. Production is proven to make human life easier.

Examples of the production process are some instant food, automatic machine drinks, to online transportation services. In essence the production has two main things. First is creating use value, the second is to add value to a product.

What are the factors including production?

In carrying out a production process, it will certainly be influenced by several factors. There are at least 5 production factors that must be known. The five production factors are:

1. Natural resources

It is one of the factors of production concerning all natural wealth throughout this universe. The natural resources will be used as material in the production process. The production factor of natural resources includes the main and original factors. Which is classified as in the production factor of natural resources includes soil, water, air, and others.

2. Human resources or labor

It is a factor of insani production both directly and indirectly run the production process. HR or labor can be said to be the original production factor. Even though in the present, the production process has been taken over by engine power. But the existence of labor is still needed.

3. Capital

Capital is a production factor that is also no less important. The existence of this capital is to accelerate and increase production capabilities. There are several things that include examples: capital production factors. Including machines, transportation facilities, and buildings.

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4. Entrepreneurship

Next is an entrepreneurial production factor. This factor which includes cannot be assessed, weighed, and touched. But it can be felt by seeing the final production. If someone has entrepreneurial expertise must have the ability to optimize materials to produce large quantities of goods and quality.

For this reason, it is needed whose name is good managerial abilities. In addition, the ability to choose the best technique and be able to organize the company is also very necessary.

5. Information resources

Progress in the field of information technology also plays a role in production activities. It is related to some data and information needed by the company for business operations.

The data in question includes how market predictions in the future, or data on economic information. Even the data about employee knowledge is also very necessary. Given that if employees or labor are also one of the production factors.

Various kinds of production processes

After knowing what production is clear, it is time to know what kinds of production processes. Various types of production processes are divided into 4 types. Here are all kinds of production processes and full explanations.

1. Continuous production process

It is a production process that allows to process materials in sequence through certain work stages. So it produces a more valuable product. Product work like this is done using a machine that runs continuously.


Examples of continuous production processes such as paper, rubber and other industries. Manufacturers must be careful and careful to oversee all stages of production. This is so that the production process runs more effectively.

2. Disconnected production process

Then there is a disjointed production process. In this process merging several ingredients into a finished goods. The engine used in the production process is deliberately grouped according to its function so that the process runs more smoothly.

The production process is intermittent, for example, such as making motorbikes. Making motor parts will be done separately. There are parts of making tires, mirrors, skeletons, to machines. After all these parts are made, then it can only be combined into a motorbike unit intact.

3. Short production process

In this short production process it requires relatively fast production time. That way the results of the production are also quite fast enough to be enjoyed by consumers. Examples of applying from the short production process are the food industry.

For example, the production of meatballs, fried noodles, or other food industry. In order to not need to need a lot of time in the production process, the way is to divide the production factor into two parts. The first fixed and second production factor is a variable production factor.

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4. Long production process

Is the opposite of the short production process. In this long production process activity it takes a long time. An example of the application of this long production process is like the construction of several properties. For example, building apartments, multi-storey buildings, or hotels.

In addition, another example of a long production process is the production of certain plants. However, what distinguishes the length of the production process with another production process is the absence of fixed production factors or fixed inputs. Everything is in the form of variable production factors.

So in the essence of production is the most important process in a business operation. Of course in production there are also several processes and factors that devour it. Some of the information above might be used as a reference for those who are still lay on what production in business.


After you know the understanding and production process and what factors are required to be known, you can apply the knowledge to your business or business in the future. In order for the product you will sell to have the best production and business or your business runs smoothly.

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