Product type and consumers’ perception of online consumer reviews SpringerLink

Consumers hesitate to buy event merchandise online because it is hard to get enough assistance about adventure merchandise via the Internet. Online client reviews may change that, as they offer buyers oblique experiences about dominant attributes of experience merchandise, remodeling them into search items. When consumers are uncovered to a web based customer review, it could be noted that there are alternative sorts of review assets. This study investigates the effects of review source and product type on buyers’ belief of a review.

The results of the web experiment shows that product type can moderate buyers’ perceived credibility of a review from alternative review sources, and the major findings are: 1 consumers are more stimulated by a review for an experience product than for a search product when the review comes from customer built review sites, and 2 a review from an online neighborhood is perceived to be essentially the most credible for patrons seeking suggestions about an experience product. The findings deliver managerial implications for agents as to how they can better manage online consumer reports.

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