Product Positioning: Definition and how to determine it correctly

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Product Positioning: Definition and how to determine it correctly

Product Positioning Definition and how to determine it correctly

Product Positioning or which in the Indonesian language is interpreted by determining product or positioning products is a strategy that can create consumer perceptions of the target segment related to the product properties and benefits that will be obtained from the purchase related to the product.

That means product positioning is the selection of market target positions that will be occupied by goods or services. Well, this product positioning is very closely related to the market segment which will later be selected.

So, how do you determine it correctly? Find the answer by reading this article until it’s finished.

Understanding Product Positioning.

Kotler and Keller explained that product positioning is a product set to occupy a clear, different, and desirable place compared to the competitor’s product in the mind of the consumer target.

While Basu Swastha and Irwan explained that product positioning is strategy management that uses the information to make a product-related impression according to the market needs that are intended or the market itself.

Product Positioning Approach

1. Based on product attributes or consumer benefits

Based on this approach, product positioning can be done based on the characteristics of the benefits of products or brands.

2. Determination of product positioning based on quality and price

In this approach, product positioning is carried out based on quality and price, the manufacturing company will offer better service, features, and better quality., Generally, premium products will be premium at a higher price to cover operational costs and the company’s promotion costs.

3. Based on product users

In this approach, each product will be positioned with certain consumer groups.

4. Positioning by using the application

This approach will position the product according to its use.

5. Determination of product positioning based on the company category

The positioning approach used is to perceive a brand as belonging to a different product category. This is used if the product category has many competitors.

6. Based on the company’s identity

Companies that already have a brand name that has been very trusted will use its name to show their competitive advantage to promote their new brands.

7. Determination of Product Positioning based on competitors

When there are competitors who already have a good name in the market and marketers will find consumers to consider their brands as superior or equivalent to the product offered by its competitors.

How to Specify Product Positioning and Services

According to experts, there are four ways to determine product positioning or determine the position in marketing of goods and services products. These four ways are as follows:

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1. Market segmentation

Time determination is a number game that will move from mass consumption. For example in a Mercedes or Rolls-Royce car that brings the image for the quality and luxury of the one market spectrum, and also the Daihatsu car at the other end of the spectrum.

Although the level of elitism can be used as a strong motivation for buyers, it will have a high risk. The possibility of bankruptcy will be as large as companies that put themselves on the market or for companies that can put themselves under the market.

Every company must know where it is in the spectrum, which is a large part of the buyer.

2. Weighing facts

Salespeople can be able to take facts related to a product, and by putting pressure on some facts and also eliminate others, can create a pretty different impression. Therefore, the authority will determine the position of various facts to get the desired response.

An example of the point is when there is a famous model that resigns so that it can be an ordinary wife and household. This is certainly very contrasting with a lifestyle when it becomes a model.

A few years later, it will be proven that the choice that has been taken is the right choice. He can get the opportunity to work just a few days for a year. And get a big salary, namely by playing commercial advertising with a family background for a household product.

3. Mirror reflection

The way in is the most sophisticated way and the possibility of failure will be as big as possible. This position determination does not mean denying or underestimating various facts but will reflect it in such a way until finally, it can create a perception that will be desired. This can be started with perception and works backward.

4. Determination of Citra

The other types of positioning are related to overestimating facts. That is to associate products or services with a variety of positive values ​​that are desired by small or have nothing to do with the product itself. Approaches like this are often carried out by large companies.

Examples are Coca-Cola Yen puts itself among mothers, AT & T and GE who emphasize family value, oil companies that become environmental experts, and IBM and Xerox who develop their excellence standards by attaching themselves to their competitors.

Another example can be seen in the world of sports when Jackie Stewart has no longer attended the race, but his image as an expert in aerodynamic is greater than his sport.

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Process and effective steps in determining the price of goods or services products

If you have succeeded in determining product positioning on products or services on the market, then how do I determine the value of the goods or services?

A practical and common way to determine the price of a product or service is to calculate how much it should be incurred to make it, this is often called HPP or the cost of production.

To be able to convince the determination of the value of the product to be sold, it is good for us to think of several questions, such as:

  • How unique is the product?
  • Can the consumers buy it at a price that is cheaper than our competitors?
  • Are there some of the advantages of our products?
  • Can you sell it at a higher price than your competitor?
  • How big is the urge of consumer needs?
  • How big is the cost needed to replace it?
  • Are there emotional factors or desires in it?

So, if we want to buy an item and when the item has arrived at the seller, we will find that the price has doubled more.

Then, can you still buy it? Or does the transaction just do it, just that or many times?

If you have a pretty good idea related to the value, then don’t hesitate to mention the price of your product. Prepare also a variety of strong reasons related to the price value previously mentioned.


As we know, a business is certainly built with a particular purpose, vision, and mission. The process of realizing and achieving this vision and mission certainly cannot be done easily. There is a need for efforts to give up until the vision of the mission can be achieved and realized.

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