Product Backlog: Definition and difference with Sprint Backlog and Increment

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Product Backlog: Definition and difference with Sprint Backlog and Increment

Product Backlog Definition and difference with Sprint Backlog and Increment

Product Backlog is one of the terms that is very mandatory to understand for those of you who have a career in the field of product development. Basically, product backlog is one of the keys that is able to make team jobs remain collaborative, clear, and agile. All this is often called Agile.

Then, why does the product backlog have a very important role? How do I make a good product backlog? Well, on this occasion we will answer the whole question. For this reason, read the article about the following Product Backlog to completion.

What is Product Backlog?

Reporting from the scrum page, the product backlog is basically a list. The list has anything that must be done for a product. There is a sequence of the top to the bottom.

The sequence is made not without a plan. In it shows a certain priority scale. For example, from the first order there is work in strengthening the security of an application. Furthermore, in the second place there is a job building new features. The list continues without certain restrictions.

Those who carry out responsibility for product backlogs in a company are often referred to as Product Owners. They are in charge of taking care of content, availability, and also the priority sequence of product backlog.

Product Backlog will also never end. Why? Because the product development process must be carried out continuously without stopping.

As long as there are still products, the product backlog will also continue to exist and will continue to be tailored to the needs. So, we can conclude that product backlog is to-do-list which has more specific contents, and is also made only for the sake of product needs.

Why is the product backlog important?

List of products made not without reason. In it there are many benefits that are able to launch a product development process. Based on the official page Agile Alliance, one of the important functions of the product backlog is the savings of time and also the clarity of the work of each team.

For example, a product designer suddenly conveys on the product owner that there is one feature that is able to make the product develop better.

This can be written on Product Backlog. The idea will not be forgotten, although it may have been stacked with other priorities. When it’s time to arrive to conduct an investigation, the product owner can do a discussion with the team whether the advice from product design can be well received or not.

The development option cannot be forgotten. In addition, there will be a special time spent by the team to think about it. Clarity like this will make team work more focused.

In addition, the official ZenHub page also explained that product backlog was one of the things that was able to make team work more neat. Because, the product backlog contains a lot of advice from each party. Starting from sales teams, Business Development, product development, to users.

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All of these will be arranged neatly, can be seen and also assessed which are more important than others. In addition, the team will not be a confusion that they have to do first.

Sourced from the Atlassian page, a good product backlog was able to make the team remain agile. Why? Because the tasks in it will describe the iterations aka fractions from a job. So, with the existence of good product backlog, it will be able to create a team that is also good, both from the final result until the process passed.

Good Product Backlog Characteristics

The characteristics of good product backlog are deep. The following is the explanation:

1. Detailed Appropriately

The first feature of good product backlog is the provision of the right description. That is, not entirely explored, discussed, and also written in detail.

It needs to be underlined that there are many queuing on Product Backlog. Ideally, the work with the most important level must be at the top. This must be written in full details.

2. Emergent.

As we have explained before that as long as the product is still there, the product backlog will continue to run. It is also one of the features of a good product backlog. So, as long as the product still exists, it will continue to be updated. Works often come out and come in from this.

3. Estimated

The next feature of good product backlog is estimated. This characteristic looks similar to like the first point. Estimated in this case is a workload and also a duration that has been taken into account.

The top position is able to show more clear time information, such as two weeks. Meanwhile, the position of “old”, “short”, “medium”, and others must be in the next position.

4. Prioritized

The last feature is prepared with a priority scale. If the middle team is working on what is in the top position, then what is at the bottom position does not have to be considered at this time. The bottom position must be considered, studied, and added certain details after what is on a high priority is complete.

What’s the difference with sprint backlog and increment

Sprint Backlog has a list of lists that have advanced grooves. Starting from the list of jobs that must be done up to the list of jobs that have been completed by each team member. Each team member will be arranged in order to work on various parts that are already on the Sprint Backlog list.

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With the existence of a sprint backlog, every team member and also related parties are able to see every development of their duties. So, every manager can see what tasks that are not finished, the task that was currently being worked on, and also what tasks were finished.

Sprint and Process Design

Sprint design is obtained from a process generally called sprint planning and the results of a process called print planning. The Sprint Design itself basically has a Sprint purpose, a task that must be done, and also a goal that has not been achieved.

The following are some stages of the Sprint Design:

1. Understand.

Design Sprint can be started with a process that understands the needs and also requests from the client. The need and this request will later become the Sprint design base that has been made.

2. Diverge

The next process that must be done if all team members have understood the need and also the request desired by the client is to develop various solutions that can answer the needs and requests.

3. Decide.

In the previous process, there will be many solutions found. Well, in this stage, the team will choose one of the many best solutions to be further developed.

4. Prototype

The idea that had previously been chosen and further developed would be a product prototype expected to be able to meet the needs and also client requests.

5. Validate

The last process that must be done is the trial process. This process will be tried directly by the client itself. After this process has been done, it means that all parts of the Sprint Backlog have been fulfilled properly.

Understanding of increment

Increment is a Sprint delivery which it consists of several stories of users who together will produce a product that has functions properly or semi-finished. For owners of interest in it, increment is a parameter of the progress that has been achieved by the developer teams.


Thus the explanation of us about product backlog. So, we can conclude that product backlog is basically a list. The list has anything that must be done for a product. There is a sequence of the top up to the bottom.

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