Product advertising: understanding, function, type, example and tips for making it

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Product advertising understanding function type example and tips for making it

Product advertising: understanding, function, type, example and tips for making it

Product advertising understanding function type example and tips for making it

In fact, after making a product, the business still needs to sell it. However, with so many competition in the market, doing it becomes impossible unless the company finds a way to tell customers about its existence. In other words, a successful business requires product advertising.

Product advertising is the art of building and maintaining product awareness with potential buyers. Good advertising programs and campaigns educate potential customers about why they need products, how the products are used, and the benefits obtained from their use.

A successful campaign also tells consumers how these products are better than similar offers by competitors.

Want to know the discussion of advertising products in depth, complete and tips for making it? Read on this article until it’s finished.

What is the product ad?

Advertising products or advalions are the most appropriate and well-known way to popularize a product. Through advertising, the manufacturer tries to reach out the audience and highlight the answers from a product and how it is interesting for customers.

In short, people can say that advertising is part of informing people about a product or service and its benefits.

At present, along with the term ‘advertising’, people often use other words – ‘marketing’ and assume both of these are the same. Even though both have the same purpose, both of them are not the same.

The first only represents a small portion of marketing aimed at the actual product demonstration, while marketing involves other activities that many of them do not promote products directly.

For example, TV ads are advertisements and part of the company’s marketing strategy. However, if the company publishes articles useful about the topic on the site, this is marketing because this content actually does not advertise anything.

Conversely, this should build a relationship with mutual trust with prospective customers and existing customers, to provide support, to involve visitors so as to change them into existing and returning customers.

Product advertising function

Product advertising functions as a product introduction and spreads the news about the company. After your customers know the product, advertisements are used to inform customers about the benefits. This will display it in the best way and produce conversations that will increase customer awareness.

Another great way to promote is advertising to target consumers or audiences. This can help build better relationships between customers and companies. Although, this can be one of the biggest challenges to find and reach the target audience effectively, achieving this goal will help increase sales and conversions.

Advertising is just a small component of marketing campaigns.

What is a marketing campaign? This is a special strategy done on various platforms with focused ideas not only to introduce products but to increase brand awareness, sales, and communication in certain audiences.

Product advertising type

Traditional advertising campaign

There are several types of conventional advertising campaigns that you can choose like:

Television and Rаdіо.

Television and radio (at least in the past) allows companies to reach millions of potential customers. Popular TV ads even now.

However, companies must conduct marketing research to find out what programs are most suitable for their products. Among the questions considered, the company determines the average age and income of the target audience.

Print advertising

It is like advertisements in newspapers, magazines, magazines, brochures, and others. Placing ads in magazines and newspapers is a traditional type of advertising but still effective to date.

Advertising out-of-hоmе

It can include digital signers, billboards, banners, posters etc. This is an ad that takes place outside the customer’s home.

The type of advertising has become very popular because it provides new ways to attract audiences. This product ad helps increase awareness of company services in the trade area.

Online advertising campaign

When the internet becomes more affordable and more people start using it for work and entertainment, the company starts switching to online media.

As a result, businesses currently have a variety of different promotional methods such as ads that are easier to reach such as text ads, video ads, pay-per-click advertisements, and more. The internet includes all the most important things for tracking a few metrics, the most important thing is:

  • Reach (How many people see ads)
  • Impressions (how many times the ad is displayed even when the same person sees it twice or more)
  • Conversion ratio (How many people see ads resolve the desired destination)

Examples of the best product advertisements in the world

1. WWF World Wildlife Fund “Earth Day Ice Cream”

To commemorate Earth Day, WWF introduced a series of advertisements to promote the fragility of our earth due to global warming. The example of this creative ad is the ideal alignment of the world on ice cream cones. The earth acts as a shovel ice cream with melted parts flowing on the cone side.

Making the assumption that the earth was fragile, and ‘thrown out’ like melted ice cream is reasonable and can be accepted by all age groups.

2. Heinz Ketchup “No One Grows Ketchup Like Heinz”

Really a tremendous creative ad that functions to promote their tomato sauce as really full of tomatoes and nothing else.

By building a form of known Heinz sauce from tomato slices, they suggest that the product is pure, mature, organic tomatoes. And because of that, this is perfect ad. Examples of smart creative advertising and improve brand awareness.

3. McDonalds “Night-Time Service”

The greater the brand, the simpler the creative ad. In this example, McDonalds only promotes the fact that they are open at night using two lights placed intelligently, which shone on the billboard board to create a famous ‘gold arch’ brand symbol.

The fact that the use of lights boldly negates the need for the McDonalds logo shows extreme self-confidence. In addition, the four words ‘open at night’ becomes a copywriting that includes sense at night and the lights are turned on, therefore directly about the message. Examples of creative advertising are very very nice and smart.

4. NIVEA FACE CREAM “Night-Time Products”

This is another example of a product that is marketed for night use. And, by not using other words other than brands listed on the close of their products.

This is a good example of creative advertising using effective photography that positions the product cap to show the shape of the product below it. Tudited to a consistent dark blue background on brands, white cream shines like a pure crescent.

5. Chupa Chups “It’s Sugar Free”

Chupa Chups have a good reputation for tongue advertising on cheeks and this is no different. To promote the free aspect of sugar from products and with candy images on the ground, they have made suggestions that this sweet candy is very good for you. Even ants won’t touch it because it doesn’t contain sugar.

Tips for Making Attractive Product Ads

1. Select your target audience

When creating ads, you must first decide for who you make an ad. People see up to 10,000 ads a day, so your ad might end up in failure if it’s not targeted correctly.

One way to help your ads find the right audience is to get details about who you want to target with your message, which will help you enter the best messages and choose the best advertising platform.

This must be based on the persona of your buyers – a semi-fiction representation of your ideal customers based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

2. Do marketing research

Market research is an important part of campaign promotion. Inserting the person’s persona buyers, market research can answer key questions about your target market, such as:

  • How old are they?
  • What often do they do most?
  • What social media platforms do they use, if any?
  • Do they live in the outskirts of the city, urban or rural?

Knowing the above information about your target audience can help you answer questions like – TV or YouTube? Instagram or LinkedIn? Billboard or bus? – Because you will better understand how to attract the right person.

3. Choose your platform

Market research You must give you insights and confidence you need to choose the most effective platform to reach your target audience. You also have to do additional research on costs, ROI, and benefits of certain advertising platforms and methods.

You might realize that using various platforms and advertising methods will be the right step for your campaign – such as social media and search engine advertising.

This is actually a good strategy, because it gives a wider net and opens the possibility to reach more prospects where they are already.

4. Determine the budget

In advertising, you need to spend money to make money.

Make and approve your budget can be difficult, so make it easier to get what you need by clearly describing:

  • The total budget you need
  • How does it cost it
  • Projected ROI (or business impact)

Be sure to come to any budget meeting that is ready to answer any questions that can be brought to you and to maintain specifically.

For example, saying “We need 10,000,000 rupiah to run the Google Ads campaign” it sounds hardly as attractive as “we want to run a series of advertisements on Google. Here’s a list of keywords and our negative keywords, their monthly search volume, and our initial bid for each. With this projection, we expect to bring 4000 new contacts next month with a total cost of 10,000,000. “

5. Make a message

At this point, you already know the target audience and platform of your choice, but you are still not sure what you say. This is where you want to think about the broad purpose of your campaign to inspire your ad.

Do you want people to come to your store, or visit your website? Do your direct goals are encouraging free registration for your software, or ebook downloads? Think about the message and how the message can be included in the ultimate goal of your ad campaign.

6. Develop creative assets

Whether it’s a copy for Google ads or striking landing pages of your internal designers, all advertisements require creative assets. Most likely, most of the ads you run need one or the following:

  • Short Promotion text (for image ads and online advertisements)
  • Copy of long shape (for video scripts)
  • Photos (for online advertisements)
  • Special designed images and / or animation (for online advertising and video ads)
  • Video (for … video ads)
  • GIF (for online advertising)

All of these assets can be very much, and if you think “I’m not a videographer / writer / designer / photographer!”, That’s not a problem.

If this resource is not available for you at home to help create ads, consider renting a freelancer team or agency to help you generate these shipment and make extraordinary ads.

7. Determine the measurement of success and adjust tracking

No matter whether your final goal is to like pages, online purchases, or use of promo codes, you may not launch ads without first explaining two questions:

  • What do we want to see so that this ad is successful?
  • How do we measure success?

You’ve thought of your ad purpose in step 5, so now, for your campaign expectations it is known by preparing the right ad tracking.

If you advertise online, there is a probability of the platform you use – like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn – Having advertising management and tracking platform, allowing you to see how much interaction you have your ad and how much their prices have.

However, you also want to take a few additional steps to help your analysis in the future:

  • Use a free automatic ad tracking platform to measure ROI ads and see how your ad is related to the project and a larger marketing campaign. You can also use this platform to compare ads from various sites, for example, if you run ads on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Prepare Spreadsheet Tracking Change Offline to measure involvement with your ads and other data points such as fees, conversions, and ROI ads, especially if your ad is online.
  • Use special tracking tokens for links that are promoted in your ad so you can analyze involvement and conversion on your own website.

8. Launch your ad

The stage has been set, and you can finally launch your ad so that the world can see it.

The process of launching ads on Google is different from Bing. The same applies to any social media channels, TV ads, or transportation advertisements.

9. Track and do analysis

For campaigns that have a stipulated running time (transportation, television, etc.), specify how the performance of the advertising results is appropriate.

Because it is difficult to make a comparison of one on one for this type of ad, you might want to see general business trends, revenue changes, or even social media / press mention to measure success.

For online product advertising, this process is a little easier. The results start directly in, so you can see how well the performance of your ad is instant, and over time.

Note the ads that produce high amounts with low costs and – just as important – advertisements that spend a lot of costs but do not perform well.

Remember, you can eliminate bias from manual ad tracking with free online ad tracking tools.

10. Make changes, fix, and repeat

After your ad campaign ends (or if it is an ongoing online campaign), take your learning and apply to your next ad.

For example, maybe you realize that your online ads that have many performing words are worse than more congrependent advertisements. Lean on what works and leave what is unsuccessful to continue to strengthen your company’s advertising program.


That is a complete discussion of product advertising, types, examples and tips in making successful advertisements. Process 10 simple steps to plan, create, launch and analyze ads are important so that your ad campaign is successful.

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