Prediction of Online Marketing Trend in 2020

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Prediction of Online Marketing Trend in 2020

Prediction of Online Marketing Trend in 2020

Winners are those who predict change and adapt to it.

Likewise in the world of online marketing, a field that is very dynamic, constantly changing, and always offers interesting new things to learn. If marketing and selling your business is very dependent on online marketing on the internet, then you need to pay attention to trends that will occur in 2020.

Analysis of Future Trends Based on Past Trends

To predict what will become a digital marketing trend in 2020, it’s a good idea to look back for a moment.

2019, which has just passed, has provided so much dynamics in online marketing, ranging from various Google algorithm updates, new Google Adwords features, Facebook which is stirred by hoax news, Pokemon viral games, and much more.

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Now, from this phenomenon, here are the 2020 online marketing trends that we have summarized from Forbes:

1. Awakening Augmented Reality (AR)

Actually, Augmented Reality technology has been around for a long time, but so far it has not been so popular and popular, especially for digital marketing purposes. However, it should be noted that lately the Virtual Reality (VR) gadget is being heavily marketed, which incidentally can make the experience of Augmented Reality more memorable.

The explosion of the Pokemon Go game, including in Indonesia, can be concluded as a sign that the wider community is quite familiar with the experience of experiencing Augmented Reality. Could be, in 2020 there will be many brands that utilize these virtual reality-based games for advertising or branding purposes.

2. Video Streaming Marketing

Faster internet + and large-capacity quota bundling = increased video streaming users.

In 2019, we could see many operators competing to offer 4G fast internet that was bundled with a large quota capacity, but at a more economical price. Not only that, many operators work closely with content providers such as music streaming services and video streaming, so that users of these services jumped.

That is why, digital marketing in the form of live video streaming is also predicted to be increasingly stretched in 2020.

3. Native Advertising

For those of you who have never heard of this, native advertising is in principle a form of advertising that looks as if it is not advertising. In online marketing, often the form is an educational article, tips and tricks, or the like.

Native advertising is actually not new, you could say this technique is long enough. But in the realm of online marketing, this technique is just beginning to be popularly used, and it is predicted that by 2020 this will be even more soaring, as more and more consumers are bombarded by hard-selling advertising.

4. Content Marketing

Does it sound “stale” to you? You might even be surprised, how come this stale technique has become a trend?

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Many have heard of content marketing, but very few understand and live it right. Most people think that content marketing is just writing articles (which can be bought cheaply from the services of article writers who are mushrooming on the internet), then posting it on a website or blog, is complete.

But it is not that simple. Content marketing is not only in the form of articles, but can also be in the form of infographic, video, download files, and so on. Content marketing must also have clear objectives, for example increasing brand awareness, potentially viral, increasing reputation, interaction, and so on.

What about conventional online marketing?

Digital marketing strategies that are already common such as SEO, landing pages, email marketing, PPC ads, social media marketing, etc. are expected to remain important and effective online marketing strategies, not yet showing signs of being abandoned.

The point:

  • As long as Google’s search engine is still used by billions of people, then SEO and SEM will never die.
  • As long as Facebook is still a social media used by billions of people, then social media ads will never die.