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Ok, short 2 sentence Instagram captions are really cute now and again and let’s be honest – they’re easy after we can’t bring to mind what the fuck else to say, but here’s where the genuine gold is when it comes to captions: MICRO BLOGGING. And at the moment, the ever mysterious set of rules is valuing saves and shares more. For example, if you’re a life coach, break down 3 ways that you would be able to conquer imposter syndrome. For instance, if your niche is beauty, write a educational on one of the best contour techniques. For example, in case your niche is travel, give a list of one of the best eating places in a undeniable destination.

For example, a conversation you had recently and what it taught you. After a 30 year fight, the Jumbo Glacier Ski Resort is just not built and Qat’muk/Jumbo Valley is on its way to becoming an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area. This recent win is a enormous step toward permanent coverage of the Ktunaxa Nation’s sacred land and the awareness of Indigenous rights to defend their basic territories in Canada. Thank you to everyone who supported and replied to our calls to action; we feel honored to have had the chance to stand in cohesion with the Ktunaxa Nation, along with Patagonia grantee Wildsight and a couple of other corporations to see this via.

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