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2019 goes to be a big year for voice search. In Q3 2018, smart speaker shipments grew nearly 200% year over year, and by 2022, 55% of households are expected to own smart speaker instruments. With the growing variety of voice searches, digital marketing teams must adjust their advertising strategies to reflect how users search on smart speaker devices. This contains focusing on phrases as an alternative of single words for your SEO approach. While users tend to search for single key phrases on a computer equivalent to the word “shoes”, a user is more prone to ask a smart speaker a question corresponding to “What are the most effective shoes in my area?”.

Digital retailers can then adjust to create more phrases of their URL pages to attract more traffic through voice searches. Mike is a market research analyst focusing on CAD, PLM, and provide chain program. Since joining G2 in October 2018, Mike has grounded his work in the business and architectural design space by gaining market advantage in constructing counsel modeling, computer aided engineering and production, and product and machine design. Mike leverages his abilities of the CAD market to precisely represent the space for buyers, build out new application categories on G2, and provide clients with data driven content material and analysis. Mike is a Chicago native. In his spare time he enjoys going to improv shows, watching sports, and studying Wikipedia pages on nearly any area.

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