Position analysis: definition, purpose, benefits, and importance for businesses

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Position analysis: definition, purpose, benefits, and importance for businesses

Position analysis definition purpose benefits and importance for businesses

In a company, to be able to manage human resources well requires the name of the position analysis. The existence of the analysis of this position is very important. Because the important role certainly requires a detailed discussion.

The existence of an analysis this one aims to determine the characteristics that someone must have in a position. The results of an analysis can be a description or specification of a position. For more about analysis of this position, see the following reviews!

Definition of Position Analysis

The position analysis itself is an activity of gathering information related to a position and also work with certain requirements. For the short language, the steps identify the task and also the requirement of a job. The work is described regarding the tasks and requirements that someone must do.

Of course, to be able to identify a task must collect data regarding the position. Information processed from this analysis is usually used for interests related to human resources.

In addition to this, the analysis of the position or known as this Job Analysis is a systematic exploration of a position. By conducting a study and also recording responsibilities such as tasks and skills possessed.

Purpose of Position Analysis

For the purpose of the job analysis itself there are various kinds. This goal makes a company require to analyze the position. Here are some purposes of job analysis, including:

1. Supporting factors in managerial processes

A company must certainly be arranged in such a way as to be able to run effectively. A managerial process is also a step that must be done appropriately. To be able to achieve this, it requires the name of the analysis of the position. This is to be able to do the process appropriately.

This managerial process requires a stage that makes a manager must be observant in understanding his employees. With this analysis, someone will be easily placed in the appropriate position.

2. Recruitment process facilities

When the company wants to do an employee refresh, it certainly requires a recruitment. It aims to determine what the person wants to occupy the position in the work of the company. This analysis will be able to show a qualification and also existing skills.

Not only that, someone’s emotional and personal expertise in doing a job can also be seen when doing this analysis. Of course the company can get someone right in filling the position.

3. Knowing employee performance

The performance of an employee will affect the effectiveness of a company. With this analysis, the company will be able to check whether the objectives and the targets that exist in employees have been achieved.

This is usually due to job analysis helping in determining a standard of work. Of course all employee performance will be more easily measured and also assessed according to existing standards.

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4. The existence of compensation management

An analysis is very important to determine the magnitude of an employee’s salary package. Not only just that, the amount of benefits, and incentives is strongly influenced by this analysis.

The situation and responsibility in carrying out tasks can be seen easily using the position analysis. Surely the existence of this will make it easier to determine the compensation that must be given by the human resource manager to its employees.

5. Training facilities and employee development

With this Job Analysis can be used to assess the needs and also the development of an employee. Not only that, management is easy to determine how the training must be done to develop the performance of the employee.

From the right training to give to an employee, it will certainly get a result that can be adjusted to the company’s plan. The objectives are especially in terms of efficiency of a company.

6. To increase productivity

The most important thing for a company when applying this position analysis is increasing productivity capability. This certainly has an impact on the company’s own income.

When a company productivity is able to run well, it is less likely that the company suffered a setback. The company’s opportunity to develop is precisely more.

Benefits of applying position analysis

In applying something to the company, of course there is a expected benefit. There are many benefits that can be obtained when the company applies this Job Analysis, including:

1. Solve a problem about staffing

When an employee or employee has a problem in carrying out its duties, this can be easily overcome by using the job analysis. The ability to capture problems with staffing is a benefit that can be obtained.

2. Placement of Labor Position

An analysis that is done is able to capture a position like what is right for an employee. The suitability between skills, the ability will be the right step for a company in placing an employee.

3. As a means of promotion

A position promotion is sometimes necessary to improve employee skills. With this analysis, it will be able to choose someone who is right to carry out a position promotion. HL this impact on the responsibilities to be given to the employee.

4. Addition of an organization

When there is a deficiency in an organization the information provided from the analysis of the position will be used as a suggestion for improvement. This will be an advantage for the company because it can provide a new policy.

The Importance of Job Analysis for Your Business

Seeing the benefits and also the purpose of this position analysis, this makes this very important in the company. It would be unfortunate when the company did not analyze this position. There are several reasons that make why the analysis of this position is very important, including:

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1. Guarantee workflow

In a workflow, there is a connection between one work and another. When one of the jobs does not understand how the work is supposed to be, of course the company’s activities will be stopped and ineffective.

2. Avoid overlapping and conflict

Although in different fields, sometimes there are employees who do the same work. This will affect the lack of existing responsibilities. With the existence of an analysis of this position will be able to overcome this.

3. Determining the quality of human resources

A human resource is a determinant of how the company moves. Awareness of the quality of human resources will provide competition for how a company is run.

4. Being a means of growth in the company

When able to have a skilled resource, it is certainly the key to the success of the company’s growth. This is very clear when conducting a position analysis, it can be a bridge of a company to develop better.

Basically a company must have quality human resources. The quality is certainly a step to be applied to the right position. With this analysis it can be the most systematic way to advance the company.


A person’s placement for certain positions requires a deep analysis. If you put someone wrong not on his capabilities, it can be ascertained that your business will not run optimally. Misaln is when you are looking for accountants or financial admin, there are important things you should pay attention to so that everything you expect.

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