Poptm Ad Network Review 2020

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Poptm Ad Network Review 2020

Poptm Ad Network Review 2020

Following a brief explanation of Poptm ads, Poptm is a provider of popunder or popup Indian origin advertising programs that the admin thinks is the best CPM ad. Why admin said that poptm popunder ads are the best, because CPM poptm ads have high ad rates or high ecpm around 1 $ – 2 $ and even then for visitors from Asia, imagine if your blog or website you have visitors or visitors from Europe and America surely your income will be greater. Poptm ad type ads are CPM which is one program where you will be paid per page view or per thousand pages, so if you have a blog with a high amount of visitor traffic, CPM is perfect for your blog.

The advantages of this ad as poptm ads also pay the highest publisher, I chose poptm because it is easy to register, the ad script can fight adblock which prevents the appearance of ads, the method of payment for poptm ads can also be said to be easy only 10 $ you can transfer your income, and the system favorable referrals.

In addition, poptm ads are CPM ads that are friendly to visitors. Because poptm ads will only appear per IP address every 1-2 hours. so that your blog or website visitors don’t get bored or annoyed.

You need to know, with visitors around 100-200 visitors, you will most likely get 0.2 $ – 0.3 $ more per day. Therefore, if you have a blog with vistor traffic or visitors quickly and easily get dollars or income, then you should put CPM poptm ads on your blog.

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Other information Regarding POPTM Advertising features

  • Bypass Adblock: Anti Adblock.
  • Daily Payout: you can make cash withdrawals anytime and anywhere if your income has reached a minimum income of $ 10.
  • Real Time Stats: you easily check your income progress with real time calculations.
  • User Friendly: This is the advantage of Poptm according to the admin, pop-under ads do not bother your blog visitors, not infrequently even visitors who are not aware that the click has made your blog generate additional dollars. And ads will only appear once in an hour for one user and IP address
  • Referrals: Banus referrals reach 25 $, we will get the bonus if your referral has already generated a minimum of $ 25 when becoming a publisher.

How to Register Poptm Ads

First step: Please enter the official site of Poptm.com.

Second step: After entering the main page poptm, click SIGN UP.

On the next page, you will be asked to fill out a registration form. Fill in all the available fields with your data, then click Create Account.

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  • First Name & Last Name: First and last name, buddy
  • Username: The username that you will use to login to Potm
  • Email: Email for verification after registration. Use your valid email address. (still usable)
  • Choose A Password: The password when you Sign In after your poptm account is active
  • Select your Country: Select your country
  • Don’t forget to click the Captcha box and check the agreement

If you have followed the steps above and are successful and correct, it’s time for you to verify your email. Please open the email address that you used to register earlier, open the message inbox from poptm, if not, please open the SPAM folder in Gmail.

Once found, please click the verification link from the poptm email and congratulations! Your account is active now.