PopMyAds PopUnder Ad Network Review 2020

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PopMyAds PopUnder Ad Network Review 2020

PopMyAds PopUnder Ad Network Review 2020

PopMyAds is a Pop Under advertising network specialist that was founded in 2011. PopMyAds offers high CPM rates and provides the best international traffic coverage for its publishers.

PopMyAds has a large number of advertisers from all over the world. PopMyAds is also one of the fastest paying ad networks, there are no minimum traffic requirements to join this network. So, all publishers, including large, medium and small publishers, apply to join.

PopMyAds accepts almost all sites as long as they comply with their requirements.

PopMyAds offers great support for its users, so you can contact them anytime regarding questions about their services or problems.

  • Requirements:

As I said earlier, there are no minimum traffic requirements on PopMyAds, so that all publishers can apply to join this network. Also, PopMyAds accepts all niche sites including adult sites, non-adult content sites, sub domain sites etc.

PopMyAds does not accept websites that contain violent content, child pornography, abusive content, sites that promote any type of hatred or links to websites of all forms of illegal activities etc.

  • Registration and approval:

Because there are no minimum traffic requirements and all types of websites are acceptable, so registering on PopMyAds is very easy. All you need is to fill out an easy registration form then submit it, and after your site gets approval, you can start displaying advertisements on your website to get money.

Usually, their working hours to approve any website takes 1 hour but outside working hours, on weekends or on holidays it can take up to 12 hours. In other case, they will approved website within 6 hours of submission.

  • Ad Format:
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Because this is specifically a pop under ad network. so, this only offers pop-under advertisements to publishers. However, it offers a variety of customization tools that you can use to adjust ad units according to your website niche for maximum performance.

  • CPM Rates:

PopMyAds offers very competitive prices, rates are usually high but they are fully dynamic and depend on many factors such as: country of visitors, quality of your website, niche and even days of the week.

  • Reporting System Statistics:

PopMyAds offers a very powerful statistics system that shows statistical reports in real-time. There are various filters available that you can use for the details of your report to better analyze the performance of your ads.

  • Minimum Payout:

Like PopMyAds, its competitors also offer a very low minimum payout of only 5 $, meaning you can easily get a decent amount of traffic according to your site.

  • Payment frequency:

As I said, PomyAds is one of the fastest paying ad networks, paying publishers within 1-7 days of payment requests.

  • Payment Options:

PopMyAds offers three different payment options for publishers: PayPal, Payza and Bank Wire Transfers.

For payments via Bank Wire, you need to contact them and provide your bank details.

  • Referral Program:

Like several other popular Popunder ad networks, PopMyAds also offers a good referral program, if you get a publisher to join PopMyAds with your referral link then you will get 10% income from your referral income for a lifetime.