Pomodoro: Techniques maximize time management more productively

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Pomodoro: Techniques maximize time management more productively

Pomodoro Techniques maximize time management more productively

One of the things that is often difficult to do by most people in the world is to do time management. Whatever your work and profession, manage a good time is a mandatory and must be done so that your time becomes more productive. One way to manage the time that is currently very famous is the pomodoro technique.

So, what is the pomodoro technique? What are the benefits for companies or individuals who apply this pomodoro technique? Well, on this article let’s discuss completely about one of the time management techniques.

For you bloggers or online business people who are very often in front of computer screens, laptops or other gadgets, your concentration may often break by other things that have nothing to do with work.

Well, to be able to overcome this so you can use the best time, then you can use this Pomodoro Technique. Because this technique can help make someone more effective. The following is a full explanation of Pomodoro.

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

So, the Pomodoro technique is one way to manage the time in which you have to do assignments and solve it by dividing each task into various blocks of time every 25 minutes. Among the blocks will be provided a break of a five-minute break, and every time you successfully pass 4 blocks of time, then you can rest longer.

In the beginning, this time management technique was first introduced in 1992 by Francesco Cirillo. He is a developer, businessman, and also a writer.

Pomodoro himself comes from Italian, which if translated into Indonesian has the meaning of tomatoes. Francesco Cirillo uses the word Pomodoro on the method because the time used by him to divide the time has a form like tomatoes. It was often used when he was still in college.

So, you only need time or timer

Today, every gadget we have must be equipped with a timer as one of its features. In fact, old school phones like Nokia also have timer features that can be used easily.

So, there is basically a tool used to apply this time management technique is very easy to get, because it’s just an application or timer feature.

In fact, today many applications have been designed to apply this pomodoro technique. So, you don’t need to find other devices or tools that are hard to get.

So, what are the advantages of one of this time management? The following is a review.

Advantages of Pomodoro Engineering

1. Works according to time

Most of us may still have a lot of time as an enemy. So, the work done as if it competed with a narrow time.

Well, this Pomodoro technique will teach anyone to work according to the specified time, so it doesn’t work against time. Simply put, this pomodoro technique is a revolutionary concept of time management because it is easier to apply to increase the productivity of each worker or employee.

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2. Not panic when working

Most of us may also still panic often because they are unable to complete their work in accordance with the set up time. Well, using this pomodoro technique, then you don’t need to panic again with the problem of the deadline that has been given.

We certainly understand that completing a job in a timely manner is very important. So, it can work more directed and not easily panic, then can rest if the time has arrived.

In addition, this Pomodoro technique will teach anyone to be able to complete every work in a timely manner, rest regularly, so that it does not get pain or stress because it works too long.

3. Can manage interference

Every entrepreneur or office worker will definitely deal with laptops and gadgets. Well, this disorder can come from the gadget, such as there are phone calls, email notifications, social media notifications, etc.

Coupled if there are very unexpected disturbances, such as the sound of child crying, or surprisingly, you have to cook, etc. Well, using this pomodoro technique, you can manage any interference according to the existence of the priority level in it.

4. Work and life are more balanced

At present, many people often delay their work and prefer to lie or relax with friends or their families. In the end, the person was unable to enjoy their time with family because at that time they still thought about his work.

Well, by applying the pomodoro technique, then you can make a more effective schedule, so you can divide the time between work and other life outside of your work.

In addition, one of the time management techniques is also able to train the brain to continue to focus while working, so that every work will be resolved according to the specified time.

So, what are the benefits of Pomodoro’s technique?

Whatever work and profession that you run today, applying this Pomodoro time management method has a lot of benefits, because this method is able to help your work more productive.

The benefits of this method include more focused on work with better work results, eliminating multitasking habits, resolving more tasks, eliminating perfectionist habits, increasing concentration and work spirit, and reducing stress due to deadlines.

Pomodoro Engineering Destination

As previously explained, this technique is able to help anyone in increasing productivity by distingifying from distractions, raising awareness when making decisions, increasing motivation, helping determine the objectives to achieve targets, change the work process, strengthen your goals in complex situations, and Avoid multitasking.

How to do pomodoro engineering

You need to know that one way of this time management is applied with several sessions, which every time has 4 × 35 minutes. Every 25 minutes, you have a break for 5 minutes. If you have completed one session, then you can rest for 20 minutes. The following is the explanation.

  • Prepare a timer tool. This tool can be a stopwatch or timer application that is on your smartphone feature.
  • Make a variety of task lists that you want to do on a piece of paper and specify the priority scale. You can make the task list in the days before you do the assignment so that it can be arranged in more detail and also right.
  • Set your timer for 25 minutes and do the tasks based on the priority scale on the kerta. In this case you have to do the task functions for 25 minutes, and don’t do anything else. If you realize there are other new things that must be done, then write it on the task list.
  • When your timer sounds, stop working on assignments and try to take a break for 5 minutes. During that time, you can do anything else like checking gadgets, stretching, walking for a while, drinking, to the toilet, etc. However, you have to do it for 5 minutes, it shouldn’t be more.
  • After completion for 5 minutes, do your first not finished task again, or if it’s finished you can do another task. Then, mark what tasks you have done.
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How do I keep being distributed by the environment?

If you keep being distributed from external things or your environment, there are several ways you can do, namely:

  • Tell those who interrupt you that you cannot do various other things for the next few minutes.
  • Make negotiations or agreements with other parties related to the right time to be able to interrupt you.
  • Make a schedule related when you can respond to them.
  • You can respond to them by calling back when the Tuga you are working on with the Pomodoro technique is done.


After you know well about the technique of pomodoro, benefits and how to apply it, you can directly apply this technique. With you doing one or two of these technical sessions, then you will see an increase in your productivity even better.

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