Placed Standardizes In Store Attribution and Location Targeting Across New Partners Placed

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“With our partnership with Placed, DataXu is starting up the physical world to programmatic, allowing our consumers access to best in class solutions for place focused on and in store attribution,” said Adam Markey, Director of Product Management at DataXu. “Seeing firsthand the noise linked to region, it was crucial to DataXu to choose a associate focused on accuracy. With over 200MM first party locations measured on a regular basis, and the only solution in market that validates store visits, Placed allows for DataXu customers to hopefully connect the digital to the actual world. “”Transparency in programmatic is key in comparing stock, viewers, functionality, and attribution,” said Mark Costa, EVP, Platform and Ad Operations.

“The partnership with Placed compliments RUN’s pre existing suite of solutions allowing RUN to quantify the impact of mobile advertising on in store visits. Placed’s strategy to in store attribution is one that isn’t based upon noisy and sparse ad impression data, rather they bring about with them a proprietary data set concentrated on breadth and accuracy designed to measure store visits. By partnering with Placed, RUN can now leverage the area’s biggest region panel and billions of directly measured destinations which turn complicated region data into actionable insights for our clients. “”As an organization that devotes plentiful elements to building geospatial technology and knowing geotemporal data sets, Vistar looks for measurement partners whose approach to working with area data is sound, correct, and respectful of the nature and barriers of a variety of assets of area data,” said Michael Provenzano, co founder and CEO of Vistar Media. “Unlike other providers in the space who’re leveraging mobile bid request data for foot site visitors dimension regardless of inadequate observations at the user level, Placed’s mobile panel adds the size and accuracy of place data derived from passive GPS, along with the added insight attained through qualitative comments from panelists.

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“Placed is the leader in area driven insights and ad intelligence. Measuring billions of locations internationally’s largest opt in vicinity viewers, Placed provides probably the most complete understanding of patrons’ offline behaviors. Connecting the actual and electronic worlds, Placed is the industry typical forex for brands, agencies, and publishers to degree ad publicity to store visit, target region at scale, and convey actionable insights into client behavior. Founded in January 2011, Placed is headquartered in Seattle and is backed by Madrona Venture Group and Two Sigma Ventures.