Pixels vs. Postbacks: Which Tracking Method Should You Be Using?

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November 2018 update: With the introduction of stronger anti monitoring and cookie blockading measures by Apple, Mozilla, and Google in 2018, server side tracking has become more crucial than ever. Specifically, the September unencumber of ITP 2. 0 on Safari for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave has seriously impacted the monitoring capabilities of classic functionality and online marketing platforms. Not so on TUNE.

As we invented postbacks, server postback tracking is natively built into our platform, and hence monitoring on TUNE using this system has not been littered with ITP and associated updates. Also called client side, cookie based, in browser tracking. This method will depend on the user’s browser to track conversions by putting a cookie on the click that is termed again on conversion to authenticate the consultation and attribute the conversion to the correct affiliate. Pixel based offers use cookies to track as a result of they can store the consultation values in the cookie, and with the way pixels are designed to trace, can extract this counsel from the browser easily. As a result, establishing an offer to trace using pixels is extremely simple and only comes to inserting the HTML offer pixel on the conversion page.

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