Pinterest Advertising For Your Business A Complete Guide

The downside, needless to say, is that Pinterest has a smaller user base than most of any other best social networks. A whopping 2. 7 billion people use Facebook each month and half a billion use Instagram, both of which well exceed Pinterest’s 250 million monthly users. Pinterest also is behind Twitter and Snapchat, with 321 and 301 million month-to-month users, respectively, but ahead of LinkedIn with its 106 million month-to-month users.

So from a purely number driven attitude, Pinterest does have fewer active users than its competitors. However, as sellers, we all know that it’s not the number of leads that concerns, it’s the first-class of leads if a million people see your ad but only 10 of them make a purchase order, was it worth it?Pinterest also lets users create private or, as Pinterest calls them, “secret” boards. These boards are only seen to anyone a user invitations to see them, and clever Pinterest businesses can use these with the intention to incentivize engagement. For instance, Shannon might offer behind the curtain photos to those who follow her social money owed, or have a secret board where she gives first dibs on new shoes to repeat clients. A restaurant could submit some recipes for its optimum dishes to customers who deliver their online information.

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