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To help this new performance, we migrated the list storage from particular person files in /etc/pihole to a new gravity database in a similar listing. This allows control over permitting and disabling items in the lists, or even the skill to add comments to remind you why you black/whitelisted something!Furthermore, the database will store in the event you first and foremost added a website and for those who last changed it or disabled it. You may notice that updating gravity pihole g takes a little longer to run than formerly, however this method more often than not happens in the history once a week in the early morning hours and will not disrupt your DNS provider. The longer run time comes due to generating an efficient B tree index that permits fast lookups in the database.

Custom user scripts that rely on manipulating files akin to gravity. list,black. list,whitelist. txt etc. will are looking to be changed to interacting with the database.

There is lots power in this new database, it’s worth it!And, we’re here to help, just open a dialogue on our Discourse platform and we can assist with advice on how to use the hot gravity database on your custom scripts. The bonus is that you may find out how to interact with a database system that also is heavily utilized in common functions reminiscent of Android yes, the smartphone operating system!, Google’s Chrome, Firefox, many content material management methods, and much more. You will even add this to your CV in your next letter of application, if you may like.

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