Phases Used in Growth Hacking Techniques

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Phases Used in Growth Hacking Techniques

Phases Used in Growth Hacking Techniques

Phases Used in Growth Hacking Techniques

Growth hacking is a marketing technique that is usually used by tech startups based on analytical thinking skills, creativity-based and social metrics to get publications and sell products. The perpetrators of growth hacking or commonly known as growth hackers are people who are experts in using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, content marketing, site analysis, and testing. So in the world of internet marketing, a growth hacker is needed. Because without them, startup websites will not be known by many people.

Growth Hacking Phase at Startup

Several phases must be done in the process of creating growth hacking at a startup. In general, startup businesses that use this service are successful in developing their products quickly. Even the benefits you get are getting bigger. So that you better understand, here are the phases of growth hacking in the startup business:

1. Adjusting to market needs

The first thing, of course, is to use a product that suits market needs. Since a long time ago, many people have forced themselves to sell products that are not suitable for the market. Even though building a product is not only a matter of selling the product, but also about how to build the product. When a product is known and accepted by the public, of course, it will be easier in the marketing process.

Growth hacking will target products that are following their target market, so that product marketing will be more successful. To find out whether the product meets market needs or not, a growth hacking person will conduct a test, literacy survey and finally make improvements to the product.

2. Looking for people who are experts in their fields

After you have tested the product, the next step is to choose a growth hacker. Here you have to understand what growth hacking is. Growth hacking will perform A / B tests, landing pages, viral factors, email, and open graphs. Then they will look for opportunities that are profitable and are not used by others. It can be said that growth hacking is a mindset, not just a toolkit. So it takes a brilliant idea to find the right marketing system for these products.

3. Make it viral

To get more users, you have to make something viral, so that it will be talked about by many people and eventually more people will know about your product. Then the question is, how do you make a viral product? This is not easy, it must be done by one person to another, until everyone knows it. So, a growth hacker must be able to find a way to make a product go viral.

4. Optimizing and Retaining

A growth hacker must be able to do optimizing and retaining, see the correct metrics and data so that he can determine the next steps, and be able to find new creative ideas that make product marketing easier. Here you have to understand the users and what the users need, instead of spending a lot of marketing money, it’s better to survey your customers.

5. Start Remarketing

By using a growth hacker, you will know the mistakes in the product and can start remarketing. All of these problems will be easier to solve and more effective, than if you are selling products but don’t have the right strategy.

Examples of Startup Businesses Using Growth Hacking

Here are some examples that can provide an easier and clearer explanation of growth hacking.

  • Airbnb is an e-commerce platform that provides room rentals. Every person who carries out the room marketing process through Airbnb will immediately be promoted by Craiglist. Craigslist itself is a popular classified service in the United States. This makes the process of selling rooms at AirBnN to sell quickly. The Craiglist is what AirBnB uses as a growth hacking tool.
  • used to be a startup that offered a free email service. Hotmail always provides information to its users, with the words “Get your free email at Hotmail”. By using this technique, Hotmail has been successfully used by more than 12 million users. Finally, in 1997, Microsoft acquired Hotmail. The technique used is what is used in growth hacking.

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