Personal Branding: Definition, Importance and How to Increase It

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Personal Branding: Definition, Importance and How to Increase It

Have you heard of Personal Branding? If someone mentions your name or business, what do you want them to say?

Let us start by stating that Personal Branding is not only for someone who has a business. Personal branding is also important for influencers, leading thinkers, or people who want to share stories with the world.

Whether you want to be known as an entrepreneur, the speaker who most inspires, or as a person who spends his life voluntarily and gives back to his community, there is no wrong answer.

If you want to make influence in the world, making a branding strategy is definitely the best place to start.

The following is a deep explanation of Personal Branding:

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding refers to the process of building your public persona for your target audience. This involves carefully and accurately communicates your values, beliefs, goals, and goals.

That is the approach you need to take when making a personal brand. You may not publish advertisements in magazines or create television advertisements, but you have to think about how your personal brand is represented when you communicate with your audience online.

It can be said, Personal Branding is the practice of marketing their people and careers as brands. This is a sustainable process to develop and maintain the reputation and impression of individuals, groups, or organizations. While some practices focus on improving themselves, Personal Branding defines success as a form of self-packaging.

Your personal is the way you promote yourself. The unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want to be seen by your followers. This is the telling of your story, and the impression that people get from your online reputation.

The Importance of Personal Branding.

Personal branding is an action in the lives of people who play an active role. There are many benefits that people can get from creating branding on yourself.

In addition, branding allows someone to organize their own lives without having to depend on others. Branding is an important part of a person’s career. Here are some benefits that Personal branding can be given to people.

1. Development of trust

Personal Brand explains why someone is. In short, these are things that motivate and encourage people to succeed. Building branding on yourself makes people feel comfortable working.

It also built trust to coworkers. Having a good branding also creates clear and sincere intentions, which is the key to growing trust.

People will feel more comfortable when they can guess what someone can do. When people know someone’s reputation, they will feel comfortable in collaboration and giving responsibility for their needs.

2. Build connections

Personal branding helps someone build connections in various fields and their specialization fields. There is no limit to self-branding. It can surpass the digital world.

As soon as someone built his reputation, it would help them get more exposure like a speech. With the help of this event, he can start collecting a low-cost business card to work on the possibility of prospects and connections.

3. Build credibility

Personal branding helps a person in determining his name as a leader of thought and expert in his field of specialty. This helps in getting recognition in their field of expertise. Someone also builds his self-respect for individuality himself. Admiration, respect, and trust will appear with someone’s name.

There are messages embedded in the awareness of the targeted market. People will consider someone an expert if he is more visible by their target audience. A brand will encourage someone to the top of the selected market, even someone’s business card also builds credibility. This is the ability that people see, not physical.

4. Advantages in confidence

Individuals can also get confidence when they develop their brands. The acquisition of trust will come from their quality and positive strength that they can share publicly.

If people know that they have something they can offer, their beliefs will soar. A good branding will emphasize individual strength and can provide direction where he can use that power.

5. Have Authenticity

Personal Brand comes from desires, skills, goals, and value. It is the result of someone’s hunt for fulfillment and meaning. Personal branding helps someone grow from something he believes.

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Building self-branding is the person itself and not someone else. Personal Branding does not allow individuals to make false or actual fake personal sounds not them.

Branding helps someone be authentic, who can also help him in fulfilling things in life easier. A person’s life will revolve around work while prioritizing strength and utilizing talents that make him happy.

Because of its authenticity, self-branding helps minimize someone’s weakness. This helps in improving weaknesses.

How to Increase Personal Branding

1. Find out who you are

To build a personal branding that accurately reflects your personal and professional identity, you first need to know who you are. Be a self, and make a list of your personal strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself about:

  • In the field of work where I am superior?
  • What motivates me?
  • What characteristics do other people praise me?
  • What project requires my help repeatedly?
  • What role does it seem to drain my energy?
  • Which project can I spend hours without feeling overwhelmed or tired?

If you have trouble answering this question, ask friends, family, and coworkers how they will describe you. After you are more aware of various aspects of your personality, you can decide the best way to do personal branding.

Keep in mind that many people struggle to choose certain sniches because they don’t want to limit themselves. Be aware that your personal branding, like many company brands, will change with your career growth. The best strategy is to choose a certain area that you want to focus on and let it develop over time.

2. Determine what you want to be known

Your personal branding is more than a reflection of who you are today; It is a road map where you have to go. In addition to understanding your existing skills and competencies, we suggest to assess your strengths and weaknesses related to industry or career wherever you want to enter the next.

By doing this, you will reveal the skills and properties that make you different, as well as areas where you need to increase or gain new knowledge to advance.

Estimating where you want to be in five or 10 years – and the attributes you want to be known – can help you determine better what steps need to be taken to achieve it.

3. Determine your audience

Before you start making your own personal branding, you also need to determine who you want to reach.

What is the leader of other industrial thinking? Someone in a particular company? Recruiters? The faster you determine the audience, it’s easier to compile your story, because you will better understand the type of story you need to tell and where you need to tell it.

For example, if your goal is to reach the recruitment manager and recruiter, you can start by creating or updating your LinkedIn profile.

Why? Because 92 percent of recruiters use social media to find high-quality candidates and from them, 87 percent use LinkedIn.

On the other hand, if you are a graphic designer who tries to impress existing clients and attract new customers, you can choose to tell your story through a website or personal portfolio, where you can better express your talents.

4. Industrial research that you want and follow the expert

When you start mapping the career you want, we recommend collecting research on experts in that role.

Find out who the leader of thought in whatever field you are interested in, and don’t just follow them. Open the Internet and find out if they have a blog, or where they donate their thoughts. Find successful people and observe what they do. Imitate them, then do it better.

In building a private brand, your goal is to stand out, but you cannot go up to the top without inventorying who is already there.

5. Ask for an informal interview

When you start making a list of companies where you want to work and industry leaders you admire, consider contacting these professionals to request information that will help you in the future.

When you meet these individuals, apply questions that can help you collect new insights about the field you want, such as:

  • How do you enter the industry?
  • What steps will you take if you make a transition from the beginning again?
  • How do you see the developing industry?
  • How do you keep up-to-date with industrial trends?
  • Are there associations, groups or professional forums that I have to follow?
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Informational interviews have additional benefits: You learn about what is needed to enter into this profession, but you also share a little about yourself during this dialogue. What you do is build your personal branding

6. Prepare a pitch elevator

When you start making your personal branding concept, take the time to create a pitch elevator – a 30- to 60 second story about who you are.

Whether you attend a network or informal party show, setting up a pitch elevator makes it easy to describe briefly what you do and where you will go (or want to go) in your career.

You need to make things that are very short and concise to say – the story to be told – framing your attributes in the right light.

Create your pitch elevator briefly by focusing on some of the main points you want to emphasize. It can include that you are looking for a new position, having power in certain skills, or recently increases the value of your current department or company.

7. Expand the tissue

When you develop an ideal personal branding, it is important to build networks regularly and effectively to develop your professional circle. Connect with coworkers and industry thinkers by going to formal and informal network events is the best step.

The more connections that you make will more and more value you can provide in your interaction, the greater the possibility of your personal branding will be recognized.

And, considering that 85 percent of all work filled through the network, attending these events regularly will help you not only build a brand, but also has the potential to advance your career.

At this event, don’t be ashamed of asking fellow participants to meet again for information interviews or casual conversations while drinking coffee. And remember, if you don’t get the chance to connect on the event, contact via email or LinkedIn to start the conversation.

8. Request recommendations

Having colleagues and current and previous managers who support you is one of the easiest and most effective ways to determine your personal branding, allowing others to communicate your value.

Just like a business that can develop customer reviews and testimonials for sale in sales and marketing guarantees, you also have to develop your own reviews in the form of recommendations.

LinkedIn is the right place to request support because this recommendation is likely to attract the attention of recruitment managers in the future.

But don’t forget to ask people who support you to act as actual references during your job search, make sure they are willing to talk to prospective employers or write a recommendation letter that is bonafide if needed.

Don’t know who to ask who? The former manager who guides you is the right person, but other connections can also provide effective recommendations, including professors and leaders of the organization where you are studying.

9. Remember that doing personal branding is not only online

Your personal branding is more than just an online persona; That’s how you bring yourself at home, in the office, and even on your daily trip.

Leadership is not reserved for executives. Strong leaders are at every level of the organization.

Leadership comes from how you behave, how you act, and how you are inherently interact with people, it is a real leadership.


When your digital ecosystem changes and your career develops, so does your personal branding. Adjust your personone when meeting different people, find new network opportunities, and develop your career. As long as it reflects your professional life, don’t hesitate to create a branding that allows you to shine.

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