PayClick Native Ad Network Review 2020

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PayClick Native Ad Network Review 2020

PayClick Native Ad Network Review 2020

Making money from blogs is the most sought after by bloggers both beginners and those who have long been in the world of blogging, because blogging is not only a hobby but also mostly used as a career.

Indeed blogging activities if carried out seriously and in the right way will generate large revenues and blogging can be a major source of income.

Earnings of bloggers come from a variety of sources and one of the most popular is from participating in advertising programs. Because advertising programs do provide the biggest contribution at the moment for bloggers to make money. And one that I want to discuss here is a native ad network program or native ads from PayClick.

Maybe most of you don’t know about PayClick and hear more about Google’s advertising program, Google AdSense. You need to know that PayClick can be another solution for you in making money from blogs and for business owners who are carrying out effective marketing strategies to get high benefits.

For more details, please read this article to the end so that you can get to know about PayClick and what benefits you will get if you join PayClick.

What is PayClick?

PayClick is a premium advertising network based on native ads (native ads) or modern native ads designed with sophisticated algorithms and ads displayed by PayClick already support for a variety of devices such as mobile, tablet and desktop. PayClick is an ad network that covers globally and is very experienced where this company has been established since 2010 and has gained the trust of more than 120 thousand advertisers spread across 107 countries. All native ad formats used by PayClick are in accordance with the requirements of an Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) advertising organization.

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By placing an ad from PayClick on your site, the ad will be seen integrated with the content part of your website or blog, this ad is really similar to your website content so it has the potential to generate high click values ​​with a CTR value reaching 5% and average 2.3 CTR average, this type of ad will be more acceptable to visitors because it does not look like an ad and does not interfere with your content as a whole. And of course this will be very beneficial for both parties for both Advertisers and Publishers.

PayClick is different from other ads that have strict regulations, you can easily register and run a Payclick advertising program without the need for high requirements, so this is a solution to making money from ads other than Google AdSense which is famous for having too complicated requirements for publishers. You can also take your profits quickly every week with a small minimum payout of only $ 20.

How to Register to Become a PayClick Publisher

To register to become a publisher in PayClick is very easy and does not require complicated steps.

On the front page of the PayClick site you will see a large image with a “Registration” button and click the button.

Then you will immediately be confronted with a popup containing the registration form and click the “Publisher” tab menu.

Please fill in the simple form in accordance with the required information such as Email, Password and Skype (optional) and click the “Register” button.

Then Please check the email you used to register, because you will receive a confirmation email from PayClick to get access to your account directly.

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After you have successfully logged into your account, you will really see an account control panel that is simple but has a professional look and report. And please add your site and install a widget to start running ads and make money.

And that is also the advantage of PayClick compared to other advertising networks out there, let’s say that you have to wait several days for AdSense to receive news and there are still some reviews to get approval received.


PayClick is a native ads advertising network program with display ads similar to content so it is not boring. PayClick is a trusted advertising company that is proven to be paying, and this is worth your try because it does not require complicated requirements to be accepted to run native ads from PayClick and this is the right solution for monetizing your blog in addition to Google AdSense. But keep in mind that you must always improve the quality of your site and traffic if you want to get a large income from PayClick.