Pay Per Click – Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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Pay Per Click – Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Pay Per Click Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Business 1

Of the various types of digital marketing, pay per click or PPC is one of the most widely used internet marketing strategies. One of the characteristics is the Ads sign in front of it when you see Google search results. Now that’s actually a PPC ad model.

Pay per click is an ad model suitable for use today, considering that the majority of Indonesia’s population is connected to the internet. In addition, this advertising model is also more effective, efficient, and economical compared to conventional advertising models such as television, radio, billboards, and others.

Get to know Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) is one of the internet marketing models where advertisers only need to pay for every ad that is clicked by the target audience. This advertising system is commonly used by large companies such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.

PPC can be regarded as a way to buy a visit or a visit to your website and not get website traffic organically. PPC itself consists of various kinds of advertisements, including search advertising, social advertising, remarketing, display advertising, and google shopping.

Search advertising is one of the most well-known types of PPC. You must have seen it yourself. This is the type of ad that appears on search engine result pages or search results pages such as Google or Bing.

This type of PPC is arguably the type of PPC that most quickly generates website traffic. To do advertising search on Google, you can use Google’s advertising product, Google Ads.

Reasons for Using PPC

Maybe you are familiar with the model of pay per click advertising (PPC). No problem. Before using PPC advertising, you need to know the benefits and reasons why you should use PPC advertising. Here are some reasons why you should use PPC.

PPC allows you to set how many targeted audiences for an ad. You are free to set the number of your advertising audience, can be 10 thousand audiences, 20 thousand audiences, or even 50 thousand audiences. Of course the more targeted audience, the more budget you need to spend.

In addition, you can also narrow the specifications of the target audience. PPC also allows you to determine your target audience based on location so that you can focus on specific locations that your business targets.

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Advertise usually costs a lot of money. If you use PPC, you don’t need to worry because you can control the PPC budget. With PPC, you can set a monthly and daily budget so that you don’t miss the budget.

In addition, the pay per click budget you can edit and adjust at any time. So, if you want to add your budget after seeing positive results, you can do it anytime. The higher your budget, the more often your Ads will appear.

In contrast to organic SEO efforts that take a long time to see results, with pay per click, you can get results from advertising in a relatively fast time. So, you can get more visitors in a shorter time.

SEO rules are always changing because Google often changes and updates SEO algorithms. Pay per click can help SEO your website if you do it simultaneously. Organic SEO takes time to always appear on the first page of Google.

While PPC will give you instant results. You can immediately appear in the first rank of the search results page for your keywords. PPC can also be research to find which keywords generate the most website visitors. Later you can use these keywords in your SEO strategy.

Google is always updating its algorithm which changes the ranking system in search results. Likewise with social media like Facebook and Instagram which change their algorithm based on user interests and activities. As a result, your followers can miss important posts or promotions from you.

In contrast to PPC. Pay per click (PPC) is not affected by organic algorithms. That way, your important posts and promotions can still be conveyed to the target audience without worrying about the algorithm.

One of the reasons PPC is popular is because you only have to pay if someone clicks on your ad. As explained earlier, with PPC, you will most likely get a greater ROI. This paid advertising works more effectively because the advertising audience is in accordance with your needs and desires.

Many people think that no one wants to click on PPC ads on Google, Facebook, or Instagram. It is true that some people ignore advertisements on these platforms. However, that does not mean that everyone ignores PPC advertising.

According to research conducted by WordStream, as many as 41 percent of people cannot distinguish whether it is organic feeds or PPC advertising. So, no need to worry that no one clicks on your PPC ad. Ad provider platforms ensure that your ad will be delivered to a specific target audience so that you are more likely to be clicked on.

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Pay Per Click Advertising Service

Pay per click advertising is not only provided by Google. Almost all social media platforms also provide the same ad system. From Facebook, Twitter, until Instagram both implement pay per click systems for advertising on the platform.

Google, Facebook and Instagram provide features for business owners to advertise on their platforms. All three platforms implement the same advertising model, which is pay per click.

You can use one or all of these advertising services together. If your target audience is indeed mostly using all of these platforms, you can take advantage of all three. Adjust to your needs so as not to burden the company budget.

Google Ads was previously known as Google AdWords. Since July 2018, Google changed the name of their advertising platform from Google AdWords to Google Ads. Google Ads is a feature of Google to display paid search or paid advertisements in Google search results.

By using Google Ads, you can display your ads in Google’s search results for certain keywords that are relevant to your business.

Pay per click advertising from Facebook Ads you can also consider, given the number of Facebook users in Indonesia. Based on research released by KataData, Indonesia accounted for 130 million active Facebook users in 2017.

That is, more than half of Indonesia’s population uses Facebook. In addition, Indonesians spend an average of 3 hours 23 minutes per day on social media made by Mark Zuckerberg.

The last platform that you can use to advertise is Instagram Ads. If you are familiar with making ads on Facebook Ads, creating ads on Instagram will not be difficult for you.

Because, since joining Facebook in 2012, the two ad platforms have been united under Facebook Ads Manager. So, the steps for making Instagram Ads are almost similar to how to make Facebook Ads.

That’s all about pay per click (PPC) which is one of the effective marketing strategies to help sales, brand awareness, and even SEO. So, it never hurts you to try pay per click as one of your digital marketing efforts.