Passive Income Blogging: How to Make $, with an Amazon Affiliate Blog in a Month Start a Mom Blog

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hey there i’m Suzi from Start a Mom Blogand I have this amazing post on my blogthat a ton of people liked and havebenefited from so it’s how to make $1000with your blog although it’s very smalland it was an awesome guest post byCarolina from Mama instincts and sheshared her tips with my readers and Iwant to share them here with you andthen that you would be able to go back and browse the poston my blog and sort of see her examplesas well so she does an amazing job withpromoting affiliate links on her blogwhich at the time when she was makingthis type of money it wasn’t evengetting that many page views so pleasedon’t mind the nursing baby you recognize wekind of ought to do what we can with themoments we need to UM to work on theblog anyway so she shared the following tips ina small mastermind group that we’re inand I begged her and asked her if I canpost it on my blog because I knew thatmy readers would like it and I wrote heranother email and I’m like please pleaseplease can I share these tips and shesaid yeah sure so she’s very very sweetanyway I have a little PDF besides inthe blog post so if which you could’t read ityou can down load all the tips real quickput that on your wall and remember to dothese tips as you’re growing blog postsso that you can boom your affiliateincome alright so that you could downloadthat right in the blog post itself sofirst of all back up what’s affiliatemarketing internet marketing is whenyou advertise somebody else’s product andif a reader one of your readers goesthrough your specific affiliate link youget a commission in the event that they make a purchaseand the whole application that Carolina hereuses is Amazon it’s one of the mostpopular associate courses for bloggersto register with there’s thousands andhundreds of hundreds of thousands of products thatyou can recommend and most of the people haveAmazon account in order that they’re comfortableusing Amazon and buying through thatplatform so she explains how she usesAmazon’s affiliate program to make over$1,000 per month with hersuper small blog and at that time shewas only getting about eight to tenthousand page views so it’s one of thequickest ways in the beginning affiliatemarketing and signing up for the Amazonaffiliate program it’s free to sign upfor it and you may become an affiliateand start advertising their items andget a kickback so here which you could see ascreenshot she was getting eightthousand page views in that month inJanuary of 2016 so which you can see it’s noteven a high buying month this is rightafter the holidays people aren’t even inthat spending form of a mood I mean theyjust passed Christmas and Thanksgivingand so onso if she could make $1000 on a slow monthjust imagine what she did on thoseholiday months so here which you can see fromJanuary 1st to January 31stshe made over one thousand bucks withjust Amazon’sprogram that’s superior so here’s oneof her tips just says she says useaffiliate links each time that you may soshe has a mommy blog and when she likelinks to anything if you if she has arecipe for example and she or he mentions saltlike the epson salt that she uses in herher herbal recipes for a natural soapand so on she links to that Epsom saltand then links their product on Amazonbecause some mommies or some readersmight not know what Epsom salt is orwhat form of salt she’s recommending soshe’s getting people to Amazon and thenonce they’re an Amazon they’re like ohlook at most of these shiny objects maybeI’ll buy this coz the good thing aboutAmazon’s application is despite the fact that they don’tend up buying that epson salt they mightbuy anything else and also you still get acommission as long as they buy somethingwithin that cookie period and the cookieis 24 hours in Amazon which means howlong do they have after they click onthe link in order that they click the link fromyour blog for epson salt they go toAmazon within a higher six hours orbefore 24 hours up they buy somethingand you get a kickback for that sothat’s pretty superior you just want toget your readerto Amazon because then Amazon will dothe remainder of the promoting her second tiplike I just mentioned Amazon pays youCommission on anything that the readerpurchases so they go through your blogthey’re like what’s epson salt they getto Amazon they’re like ah but I rememberI needed buy diapers for my kids and myhusband wants a new desktop and allthese types of things in order that they end upbuying a whole bundle of items withinthat 24 hour cookie period after which youget a kickback on every thing theypurchase so if they acquire a computeryou get a percentage of that commissionor of that sales price that is awesomeshe also mentions to keep it classy sodon’t just link to every thing make sureyou link to two things that your readerswould be interested to click via onthen she says don’t just use your blogyou can use social media that you may usedifferent retailers to get people toAmazon so just be sure that youdisclose nicely if you do post theselinks on Facebook alright we don’twant to be getting in hassle becausethen Amazon could kick you out of theprogram if you’re not disclosingcorrectly and hey here’s our littlebuddy video alright she’s a great tiphere to stability it out she has postedour heavily link to Amazon after which somethat aren’t there are just more of mommyadvice and tips where you don’t wantyour entire blog to be plastered withaffiliate links but you are looking to have atleast a couple handful of actually reallygood posts where you could then promotethose affiliate products and onefantastic way to try this is through agift guide post so in particular during theholiday season make a gift guide of thebest new merchandise or new gifts formommies who have distinct kids who arebreastfeeding that’s me I know likewhat’s a gift guide for them forproducts under $25 so those types ofposts that you could heavily link Amazonaffiliate links inor other associate links and then getpeople to that affiliate program and getthat Commission back you also can dogift guides throughout the year youdon’t need to watch for the holidaysthey’re just they work rather well overholiday season to say as an example youcan keep it like fourth of July what arethe gifts you can give people on 4th ofJuly or what are the items you would like foryour party on 4th of July Easter Eastergifts they can provide your kids st.

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