Partner Spotlight: QandA With Adam Paz, Viant Cuebiq

Having the connective tissue in place to marry a user’s online and offline footprint is a lift to consumer intelligence. As it relates to OOH, we can now take into account which users were uncovered to an OOH event and link that to every little thing else we find out about consumer segments. By leveraging offline data like Cuebiq’s, we can know that buyers had the chance to see a specific OOH event, and then follow the the rest of the client journey. Did those consumers visit the advertiser’s web page?Did they walk into that advertiser’s retail area?Did they buy a product from the advertiser?All of it’s now possible. Advertiser spend has always been linked to the pleasant of size accessible — with the advent of frequent identifiers and various data assets that illuminate the physical consumer adventure, sellers may be in search of structures that unlock this advantage.

By leveraging best in class data alongside advanced era, brand marketing companies can show how their lots of investments are driving enterprise effects. As channels additional converge, it’s vital that marketers consider the competencies tools available to them and better customise how they speak to patrons for a cohesive narrative.