Paid Links The True Cost of Buying Links for SEO

The reason I’ve never participated in link purchases or endorsed the practice isn’t as much about Google’s rules on paid links that pass PageRank. It’s as a result of I could never take into account why anyone would “buy” something with such risk related with it when they could “earn it and own it”?With roots in Public Relations, our internet marketing agency has been accustomed to incomes media placements and frequently times highly pleasing links since we began the company in 2001. It can take more time to see competitive effects, but when you center around making inventive content material and doing the hard work of promoting to earn site visitors and links, the pricetag is one of investment vs. the often higher cost of ads without a equity in what you’ve purchased. Then there’s the price if the links are devalued by the search engines and subsequent lost earnings.

I’d rather build, promote and earn those links that can be in place indefinitely.

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