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Since page views help estimate the approval for sites, it helps determine their value for advertising earnings. The most common metric is CPM. It stands for ‘Cost per thousand’the M is the Roman numeral for 1,000 and it is frequently used metrics to measure page views divided by the thousands, this is, cost per 1000 views, used for the ad rates and thus, the less CPM is, the better deal it offers to advertisers. However, there was a starting to be concern that CPM is not as faithful as it looks in the advertisements market because, even if, with CPM arrangement, all and sundry who visits a site makes publishers’ money, for an advertiser’s view, CPM is being challenged compared to CPC or CPA in terms of advertisements’ efficiency because vacationing does not mean clicking the ads.

Wikipedia provides tools that permit one to see how many people have visited a Wikipedia article during a given period of time. Such have been used for tools that as an example reveal the most desirable articles of the day. Wikipedia pageviews of sure styles of articles correlate with changes in stock market prices, box office success of flicks, spread of disease among other functions of datamining. Since se’s directly have an impact on what’s frequent on Wikipedia such records may supply a more unfiltered and real time view into what people are looking for on the Web and societal pursuits. For example they may be used to gain insights into public nervousness and guidance attempting after or during events or for the identification of concepts with enormous augment of attention from the general public.

A 2015 study examines the have an effect on of Reddit posts on Wikipedia pageviews.