Outbrain Native Ad Network Review 2020

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Outbrain Native Ad Network Review 2020

Outbrain Native Ad Network Review 2020 1

Outbrain was founded in 2006, by Yaron Galai and Ori Lahav and is headquartered in New York City. to date more than 500,000 publishers in 107 countries have trusted Outbrain as one of the CPM sites that promises to monetize their blogs or websites.

They become marketing content and content discovery and monetize their publisher websites with relevant advertisements, namely Native Ads. Content is like videos, articles, social media, slide shows, infographics, or podcasts that offer both information or entertainment value to readers about certain products or services. they partner with reliable publishers and companies that are professional about such as creating an excellent user experience through clear content and experience.

Then what is Native Advertising?

Native Advertising is a type of advertisement that adapts to the content of an article, be it Text, Banner, Audio, or Video that is embedded in a blog or website content. 

By placing native ads properly following the interests of your blog readers, it is expected to be able to increase CTR of 5% with an average of 2.3%. Because visitors will be difficult to distinguish which is an ad and which is original content.

Outbrain appreciates the importance of visitors and content together to get better revenue results, Outbrain is a platform that brings marketers of all sizes and premium publishers on the same platform. 

Outbrain is a very large marketing in the online advertising system and has more than 557,000. 000 global visitors every month. its network reaches 200 billion recommended every month and more than 80% of the world’s leading brands use Outbrain to reach their target visitors.

Outbrain the network of Native Ads specifically for publishers such as Adnow, Payclick, Mediavenus, MGID, and others, which means you will be allowed to generate a large income from this publisher through your site. You must allow third parties to link to your content using Outbrain, the amount sent via Paypal when the balance reaches $ 50. For those of you who have sites with Visitors Over 1 million visits every month can be an option as an addition to the dollar coffers of our website.

 Implementing the Outbrain widget is very easy and fast, especially for WordPress Publishers which are quite easy to install and use. Outbrain offers widgets for blogger, TypePad, Squarespace. The JavaScript code is to be manually entered on any platform sites and after the plugin is installed and configured, recommendations start to appear within an hour of integration.

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It only supports internal recommendations on the first day and requires time to support recommendations from external web links. It offers Tough size display ad units as either image or text-only links. Its ads are compatible with Google AdSense too, helping publishers to generate additional revenue.

Outbrain Payment Structure, RPM Rates and Payments

Outbrain pays through the CPC model, the issuer is free to set their daily budget amount or according to the recommended model. Outbrain will not exceed your daily budget amount and limit its geographic targeting features as well. CPCs charged from advertisers range from $ 0.15 to $ 0.30 and Outbrain continues to share 50% revenue. Thus, paying somewhere between $ 0.37 to $ 1.12 per thousand page views to the publisher.

This can translate into $ 370 to $ 1,120 per million page views, which is meaningful revenue for publishers. To partner with Outbrain, a simple formula for calculating income from Outbrain is as follows, Site visitors x% of visitors who see sponsored rate x click content on sponsored x content (average cost per click – commission)

So Outbrain Review of Native Ads Ads That Adapt Blog Content with Payments is quite satisfying if you want further reference on native ads, you can read Other Native Ads Reviews like Adnow, Payclick, Mediavenus, MGID as our reference where ad networks are right for Blogs or Websites We.