Organizational Management: Definition, Function and Purpose

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Organizational Management: Definition, Function and Purpose

Organizational Management Definition Function and Purpose

This article will discuss various things about organizational management. Starting from understanding, function to the purpose of one form of management. Because there are still quite a lot of people who don’t understand and understand this one management. The following below is a variety of explanations about the management.

Understanding of organizational management

Organizational management consists of 2 words, namely management and organization. Management itself means programming, ways, or planning for something. While the organization is a association with certain goals. So that if combined, organizational management is a plan on a association to achieve its goals.

Usually organizational management can be found in companies engaged in resources. Because it is indeed planning in this management to direct humans, to achieve organizational goals.

Where, with the existence of this management, it is expected that the performance provided by HR can be more effective in achieving organizational goals. With the existence of management, it is also expected to form good cooperation so that organizational goals are achieved faster.

Organizational management function

The function of this management is divided into several stages. Where these stages certainly have their own functions to achieve goals. Here are various functions of management in an organization.

1. Planning

Planning is also often called a planning function that prepares activities in the organization. Part one is quite important, because indeed a plan must be done carefully. It was profitable to avoid confusion of future goals.

This planning function is also very useful for determining the budget of an organizational activity. Both for routine activities and non-routine activities.

2. Lead.

Lead has meaning as a direction function. After having a planning function, this management also has a direction function. This function is very useful to direct the plan that has been made before.

So whatever is done directed and not out of what has been planned before. In addition, this function will also make it easier to achieve goals, because all of its activities are directed.

3. Controlling.

Of course this one can also be called the control function. Not much different from the previous direction function. This function is useful for overseeing every activity to always match direction.

So that if at any time it happens outside the direction, it will be handled faster. If there is an unwanted error, the organization’s chairman can immediately take action. So this one function can also thin the level of occurrence of errors.

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4. Organizing.

Organizing function is another designation for organizing function. In this function it is expected that organizational leaders can plan and provide effective policies. So that the performance of human resources is also better.

In other words, the policies made must be in accordance with the criteria owned by human resources. For example, want to make activities that are marketing, then the designated part is the marketing part. If organization is done well, then the results will also be good.

5. Motivation

Motivation certainly also really took a very big contribution for an organization’s success. Because with motivated human resources, it will further improve its performance. The motivation can be in the form of giving awards to the best members.

So things will certainly make other members become more motivated to be the best. Because all members are competing to be the best, it will certainly make it easier to achieve a goal in the organization.

6. Staffing.

This function is also called the Personnel Function. Where this function is useful when recruiting new members. This function is also useful for forming a comfortable working atmosphere. Because with a comfortable atmosphere, it is likely to have a good impact on members’ performance.

7. Time Management

In addition, time management is also very important. Because by managing time, it is expected to produce effective performance from the members. In addition, so that the purpose of an organization is achieved just in time. Of course also train members to be a timely person.


Organizational management goals

Just like its function, this one management also has various purposes. But basically the purpose of this management is to achieve organizational goals efficiently.

So that in the existence of the organization it can run smoothly within a certain period of time. Because without organizational management, an organization can experience various difficulties. The following below are some of the objectives of this management.

1. Forming good coordination

Of course to achieve efficient and effective goals, good coordination is needed. Good coordination can be obtained with management in an organization.

Because, with management, all work will be more directed and coordinated. In addition, by forming good coordination between individuals and divisions, it can also launch the course of an organization.

2. Establish effective performance

Just like the basic goal, which is to realize the objectives of the organization effectively. To realize effective goals, effective performance is also needed. With effective and directed performance, the objectives of the organization will also be more easily achieved.

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3. Make a comfortable environment

To make effective performance, it must be created a comfortable environment. Because with a comfortable environment it can make members become enthusiastic to do their work. In addition, a convenient environment also makes all problems be discussed properly.

That’s some information about management in an organization that can be summarized. Management in an organization certainly has a very large function. Because with a management, all work will be more directed. Hopefully the information above can again add insight by readers.

That is the meaning, function and objectives of organizational management that you can apply in your business. Because to achieve something you want, you also need to build a good organization to make it easier for your goals.

With the management of organizations can help all work more directed and more efficient. To simplify your business, you need accounting software that can monitor your business finances whenever and anywhere.

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