Organizational Development, a powerful way to succeed your business

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Organizational Development, a powerful way to succeed your business

Organizational Development a powerful way to succeed your business

Organizational Development is a circuit or a program for a long period that has the purpose of increasing the ability of an organization to survive. The trick is to develop a change.

Organizational Development is also a planned change, in which the change will be formed on renewal and also the modernization that occurs continuously in an organization or company.

After that, these changes will provide a huge influence on the community. So with the development, an organization must be able to move every member to adapt to any changes that occur.

So, we can conclude that organizational development is a process of collecting data and information so that in turn can increase performance in an organization or company.

Benefits of the existence of organizational development

Some of the benefits of organizational development are as follows.

1. Increase responsibility

Organizational Development can be something that can have a good impact on employees within the company. One example is by spreading employee work motivation.

So, employees will become more enthusiastic to carry out their duties and responsibilities. You can use Swot analysis both in employees or rate your own company.

2. Sustainable development

The existence of a change of organization will create a more constant repair pattern, which is the strategy so that it can be developed and also evaluated and applied so that the quality is better.

Today will certainly create an environment that will benefit the company, which they can accept good changes internally and externally the company. This development can be done to utilize renewal regularly.

3. Improve creativity and company innovation

The existence of a change in the organizational structure will have an impact on the company’s operational process. However, these changes will always be sought to improve services to become more creative and more innovative companies.

For this reason, all of these changes will be expected to be able to help companies grow to grow in a more successful direction.

Objective Organizational Development

1. Creating a more positive climate in the company

With the implementation of organizational development, the company can create a positive climate within the company environment. Of course, this will make every employee order to work better.

Because of this, the company can instill and also increase motivation for employees. This will also make every employee able to work better with satisfactory results.

2. Limiting the barriers in a company

Of course, various obstacles can occur in the company’s economic activities. For this reason, in this case, the goal of organizational development is an effort to overcome these obstacles.

As much as possible all obstacles that might occur in the company can be prevented or minimized. Because these obstacles will hinder the process of growth and also the development of the company.

3. Management changes in more plans

A change can indeed occur at any time, including in terms of the organizational structure of a company. This will certainly affect the employee’s sperm in the company. For this reason, this planned change must be accompanied by good operating management. So, changes that will occur will not cause any problems.

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4. Creating a work culture

The development of organizations or organizational development that occurs in a company can certainly increase the productivity of each employee.

The purpose of organizational development is to build a work culture where there is always a change that occurs. Because the existence of a work culture that will change will certainly make the company better and more productive and more targeted.

Organizational Development Duty

Some assignments or job desks from organizational development are as follows

  • Provide continuous training

The change in a company organization will make each party be able to accept every change. Therefore, the task or job desk organizational development in this case is conducting training or sustainable learning processes.

So that with this, it can make each party easier to accept any changes that occur within the company.

  • Data analysis

Later, you can certainly get in the company to be used as an analysis material. So, organizational development must analyze data. Based on the results of the analysis, the company can make a change or improvement in a more perfect direction.

  • Managing companies to be more effective

Changes in an organization must still be managed properly and also appropriately. Management of this change must be done more effectively. So, some things that must be done by the company are forming understanding on various parties and also the implementation of the system.

  • Identify a goal

Repairs or changes made in a company are generally made with good and exact purposes. This will make work purposes clearer so that achieving goals can be done in more precise ways.

The growing development of the industrial revolution that occurs at this time will certainly bring new challenges for every businessman to try more to develop. Where every businessman or company that is unable to take part in the program will be far behind.

To make an organization or organization development increasingly developed on your business, you certainly need a better bookkeeping report so you can monitor every development you produce.

Learning organization

At least there are big challenges that must be faced by business people or companies, namely how to change effective or extraordinary performance to be the standard.

That is, when a company does a good standard and is also extraordinary, then the challenge is how the standard that is considered the great or high is used as a performance that has been standardized.

In the era of disruption like today, changes will be very quick in the company environment. What we previously thought was extraordinary, many products that made us very amazed would be very quick to be mediocre.

.Contohnya lists information only if we can master the computer, can speak English, and also has a diploma S2 on our CV, then it would be very unusual. However, at this time it became very ordinary and reasonable.

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Likewise with technology, wherein early 2010 the internet speed of 3 Mbps was considered very great, even though the current internet speed was very normal or even considered very slow.

Five elements of organizational development are

There are five elements and also leadership consisting of various subjects in the discussion in organizational development. The five elements are as follows.

1. Strategy

Things that cover the topic of strategies are strategic analysis of creating mission visions and formulations of the Destination Statement formulating a strategy, alignment of strategies and executing strategies, and how to monitor a company’s performance.

2. System

Things that cover systems are process management, information management, customer management, science management, innovation management, and risk management.

3. Structure

Various topics that cover the structure are the manufacture of organizational structures and also the implementation of roles and responsibilities.

The aim is to show how a structure in the organization is designed to manage relations between units in it. The main objective is to provide clarity of the division of duties and also the responsibility of the grouping of activities, regulating coordination vertically and horizontally, including the availability of profiles at each post.

4. Culture

Culture is related to the implementation of various company values ​​and changes in management titles. The implementation of corporate culture has its respective challenges. Each of us may know it, it is not easy to change the company’s culture.

More extra effort is needed and also more consistent. A large bank that has successfully transformed culture or forming a new culture of the company takes a very long period of 8 years.

5. Humans

This discussion is related to HR or Human Capital. This SDN is very interesting not because HR stands for sources of problems, but HR is one of the very important factors in providing benefits for a company. The topic in it is very much.


Thus the complete explanation of us about organizational development or abbreviated as OD. Share discussions and also the topic in it is very much.

With this discussion, it is expected that every business can make better organizational development so that the company can be more advanced and also still exists during competition in a very strict business world like today.

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