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Optomaton UG “Optomaton” is a service of knowledge driven advertising and marketing application, and it is the proprietary owner of a DSP Demand Side Platform which on behalf of dealers purchases advertising space on publishers’ websites a writer website may be, for instance, a newspaper online page “Publisher”. For instance, if you visit a newspaper web page, and also you see an advertisement for a store, Optomaton’s technologies may be used to reveal that advert on behalf of the store the “Advertiser”. This is an internet version of a convention that may be in contrast to putting an advertisement in a mag or newspaper. Working on behalf of Advertisers, Optomaton places bids in real time for ads space it truly is accessible on Publisher internet sites.

During this process, Optomaton negotiates with Publishers via intermediaries. The intermediaries that Optomaton uses are called Real Time Bidding Platforms, and SSP’s Supply Side Platforms. These intermediaries help Optomaton to find accessible advertisements space. Optomaton’s DSP works on behalf of an Advertiser to find ads space, while an SSP works on behalf of a Publisher to sell commercials space. Optomaton uses your analysed personal data to exhibit adverts that it considers would be of attention to you.

This analysis is in accordance with your browsing history. For instance, an advert showing a distinctive brand of boots if we know from our analytical suggestions that you may be searching for a new pair of boots.

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