Optimize Blog Revenue With Froggy Native Ads

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Optimize Blog Revenue With Froggy Native Ads
Optimize Blog Revenue With Froggy Native Ads
Optimize Blog Revenue With Froggy Native Ads 3

Optimize Blog Revenue With Froggy Native Ads

Do you have a blog? Have you ever processed a blog? If your blog is used for selling then of course you want to increase your income. Well, we have a solution. Let’s finish reading the article Maximize Blog Revenue with Froggy Native Ads.

What Are Froggy Ads?

Froggy Ads is a premium native ad network that has been operating since 2017. The team creates special projects for each type of traffic that allows the Froggy Ads algorithm to stay sharp and focus on certain types of hearing. That is the reason why Froggy Ads ads can reach up to 5% CTR and an average CTR of 2.3%.

Currently Froggy Ads works in 107 countries with 120,000 advertisers. Froggy Ads is always looking for dynamic partners in the local market. A premium website with a very engaged audience is the driving force of the Froggy Ads business and Froggy is willing to provide them with the best possible conditions. Become a partner and get access to the sharpest monetization tools available.

Increase Income With Recommended Widgets In Native Format

The original ad format is far more effective, efficient, and profitable for publishers and advertisers. FroggyAds.com is a proven global advertising network that helps in increasing the revenue of its member sites by making it possible to place widgets in native formats.

What is FroggyAds.com?

FroggyAds.com is a global ad network that focuses on push notifications and native advertising. As a publisher, you get the following when you register to become a part of this network:

  • Native ad format that helps ensure higher revenue and CTR.
  • Control over making recommendations for content and product types based on customer interests.
  • Support for CPM and CPC based payments along with control over payment modes. You can choose from various payment options.

FroggyAds.com also has customer support services in your local language. Members can get access to local managers for their questions and problems.

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You can register as a website at https://FroggyAds.com to make it part of the ad network. After you register, their manager will contact you again to provide information and support.

Responsive Ad Networks

Smartphones account for nearly 50% of current search traffic. Therefore, the importance of mobile devices cannot be ignored. FroggyAds.com helps ensure that your website does not lag in terms of reaching advertisers as fully as possible. All you have to do is embed the code and the ads will adapt according to the screen size of the device used by your visitors. Whether they are browsing from a desktop, smartphone or tablet, advertisements will be effectively displayed on their screens.

Control over Ad Types

You know what niche is the focus of your website. So you want to show ads that are relevant to your content. The past that allowed all types of ads on your site is inefficient. You can make recommendations for products and content. At the same time, you can also choose automatic mode so that the ad network automatically detects your content and displays the most relevant ads.

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Determine Ad Design

FroggyAds.com provides more than 50 ad design options for you to choose from. Choosing a design is as easy as clicking the best option. At the same time, you can get help with support for making changes to widgets based on your site’s design.

Track Your Page Performance

How do you know the performance of your website? FroggyAds.com provides a comprehensive report on key parameters to help you learn about your site’s performance:

  • Number of impressions
  • Number of clicks
  • Income level
  • Effectiveness

How Do You Want to Increase Income?

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As mentioned, FroggyAds.com also allows you to determine the pricing model you need.

  • CPC: This pricing model is provided by ad networks for sites that receive no more than 10,000 visitors a month. You start getting paid for a minimum fee of $ 0.003. This is also provided for accounts that don’t have a history of previous relationships with the ad network.
  • CPV: This model is designed for medium and large scale sites. FroggyAds.com provides a special income level for impressions. This calls this income level the ‘$ 0.001’ income level for each visit that occurs.
  • CPM: If you have a site that generates more than 10,000 visitors a month, the ad network will give you this pricing model of $ 0.10 for 1000 views.

Features and Benefits

There are many features and benefits that make FroggyAds.com a unique and preferred ad network for publishers.

  • FroggyAds.com has no conflicts with AdSense or other native advertising networks.
  • This ad network has more than 120,000 advertisers spread across 107 countries.
  • This can help you generate the highest income based on CPM / CPC.
  • The widget loads quickly and your website appears and displays ads quickly.
  • As a new advertiser, there is no need to go through a complex set of processes.
  • Widget settings no more than 5 minutes.
  • You can also ask your support manager to handle it.
  • Depending on your website’s traffic network, you can receive payments every week or even in advance.
  • As mentioned, FroggyAds.com allows full control over ad moderation.
  • Payment modes supported by FroggyAds include PayPal, Webmoney, Wire, and Pioneer.


This ad network was founded in 2017 and produces advertisements from more than 107 countries worldwide. It supports native ad formats, making it one of the few networks currently available. It utilizes advanced technology to place original ads that are relevant to the content on the site. Thus, original and relevant advertisements help drive more revenue for publishers.

Flexibility is the main reason why more types and sizes of publishers can join FroggyAds.com. Whether you have less than 10,000 visitors a month or more than 100,000 visitors, this network provides favorable conditions to help advertisers get the best revenue.